Who runs VocaEuro?

So who exactly runs VocaEuro?


Hi, I’m cakey! I’m the one who writes most of the blogs and posts, and was the one who started up our Facebook page, originally called ‘European Vocaloid Fans’. Whilst we’re still very little known right now, I really hope VocaEuro can someday become a great source of news and a friendly community for Vocaloid fans!

I absolutely love finding new producers to listen to – lately I’ve had more of a focus on Western producers, but I still keep up with and support all my favourite Japanese producers too! I enjoy any style of music, but particularly electronic.



Founder of the VocaloidOtaku Forums and Vocallective Records. Moderator at VocaDB. Administrator at the Vocaloid Fanpage and VocaEuro. I make music as Azureflux and Beam Morrison. My songs can be electronic, acoustic and other things since I like a lot of music. Recently, I’ve begun developing Alter/Ego NATA, a new voice synth.


Hello everyone, I’m Sasruska and I help to run VocaEuro with cakey. I helped start VocaEuro with her and help her out when she needs something done on the blog.
I find it fascinating how the Vocaloid community has grown into one of the largest collaborative projects in the world and I’m delighted to be working with cakey to help bring attention to producers and artists who use Vocaloid in their works.
I’ll mainly be focused on sharing illustrations, cosplays and MMD models to the page.

From all of us here at VocaEuro, we hope you enjoy your stay!



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