Get involved!

We at VocaEuro don’t want to simply post news – we want to create something of a community for Vocaloid fans, where you can be sure your work will be shared!

So, in light of that, we would love for you to get in contact with us, and send us some of your very own Vocaloid-related pieces! Below are some ideas…

Artwork and Cosplay
If you’ve recently created an illustration you’re proud of, or took part in a cosplay shoot, feel free to send those our way! If you have a website or page you’d like us to link to, please send us that too.

Blog Posts
We’re happy to accept your own blog posts! For instance, let’s say you would love to write an article about KZ(Livetune), but don’t run a blog yourself – feel free to send it our way, with all of the images and links you’d like included, and we’ll happily post it!

Being Vocaloid fans, music is something we’re incredibly passionate about – if you’ve recently composed a new song, completed an album, or collaborated on a piece, we’ll happily share it via all of our social media! If it’s an album, we may even purchase and review it! We’re also partnered with Vocallective Records, who do some fantastic work for producers in the fanbase.

Vocaloid is entirely powered by its dedicated fanbase. Both of us who run VocaEuro are extremely passionate about Vocaloid, and want to be able to really focus on this aspect!


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