MIKU EXPO Europe Presale Merchandise Review


Today, my MIKU EXPO Europe merchandise arrived from Bandstores! I thought it would be helpful to make a review of these items, so that people can get an idea for the quality etc.

A number of items were put up for presale ahead of the concert, however there is more merchandise that will be venue exclusive. Today we’ll be looking at these presale items only, but the complete goods list can be found here!

So what are the presale goods?

The items up for sale ahead of the concert are:

  • Glowstick
  • Winter Glowstick Film Set (set of 6)
  • Ribbon Miku Tee
  • Collage Group Happi

These items have been specifically created for MIKU EXPO Europe, which is very exciting! Merchandise features artwork by Sameyama Jiro, Mikio and Milo.

Let’s take a look!

They look so gorgeous! The main visual for MIKU EXPO Europe is so vibrant, and Milo’s artwork for Music Like Magic is just so cute.

Glowstick – £30/€35

Whilst there’s nothing too new about the glowsticks, there are many European fans who may have never owned one, so let’s have a close look!

Though they’re called glowsticks, don’t confuse them with cheap glowsticks that need to be cracked. These glowsticks are electronic, powered by AAA batteries (not included)! They operate very easily – simply hold the main button to turn it on, then click to change colours!

Here’s the glowstick in its packaging! It’s pretty simple – it comes in a plastic bag, with card backing.

Instructions can be found on the back of the card.

Here’s the glowstick compared to one from Magical Mirai 2014! You can see that the handle design has changed significantly, and the location of the button is much more user friendly. The Magical Mirai glowstick had the buttons on the base, which was a bit more fiddly to operate. The handle for MIKU EXPO feels more solid to hold, too! It’s still very lightweight though, which is important.

The only minor thing to point out is that the glowsticks aren’t ‘fully’ branded for the tour – they’re generic MIKU EXPO 2018 glowsticks, however it’s a minor issue. Plus, it’s far easier to have tons of MIKU EXPO 2018 glowsticks for the US, Mexico and Europe rather than worrying about printing different versions. At least the backing card is unique, so be sure to keep a hold of that!

A simple but useful wriststrap! It’s quite small – good to ensure it doesn’t slip off, but for some people it might be slightly too small.

The back of the handle is where the batteries need to be inserted. Nothing too fancy here! The rear cover unclips, revealing space for three AAA batteries. These batteries are not included, so please bear this in mind!

After inserting batteries, it’s time to see what it looks like powered on!

It has 7 settings when powered on! 6 colours for the Crypton VOCALOIDs, as well as white (not photographed). These colours are very bright, and are easy to tell the difference between.

Overall the glowstick is pretty much what you’d expect, but it’s still really nice. At £30 though it’s definitely expensive, and some fans might struggle to spend that amount of money on it. Usually Miku glowsticks are around the £20 mark (¥3,000), and were  £27 ($35) for MIKU EXPO USA, so it’s not a surprising price, but nonetheless it’s a lot. It does make a really nice bit of merch after the concert though, and will look really nice on display!

An alternative option is to bring a chemical glowstick under 15cm, as noted on the official website. You can also use past official MIKU EXPO/Magical Mirai glowsticks – unbranded ones and King Blade glowsticks will not be allowed in the venue.

Winter Glowstick Film Set – £10/€10

The next item we’re looking at is the glowstick film! This is a set of 6 clear plastic sheets, which can be inserted into the glowstick. It allows you to have your favourite VOCALOID featured on your glowstick, without decreasing the brightness!

They come in a pack, with some backing card with instructions.

To insert the film, you simply need to unscrew the top section of the glowstick, remove the glitter film inside, place the character film over the top of that and re-insert!

Here are the different designs available! The artwork is by Mikio, and has a winter theme – the reason being that aside from the tour being in winter, the theme matches up to the MIKU EXPO USA theme, which was summer!

It can take a few goes to get the film inserted right. It’s easy enough to use, but getting it facing the right way can take some tweaks. I also noticed that to make it look best, ensure you curl up the glitter paper first, then the character film over that. This is because if you put them together then curl, the glitter film will cover some of the artwork, and doesn’t look as neat.

And here it is powered on! It adds a really lovely touch to the glowstick, and doesn’t impact the brightness. The illustration is also very clearly visible with the light on!

At £10 these aren’t a cheap addition to the already expensive glowstick. However, that comes to less than £2 each for the film, so it’s not terribly priced! If you’re a collector, these films will look lovely displayed. If not, I’d recommend perhaps splitting them with a friend, to help lower the cost. Quality-wise though they’re lovely, and if you can justify them, they’re an adorable addition.

Ribbon Miku Tee – £40/€45

This shirt features a full-print design across the front and back. The main visual by  Sameyama Jiro is on the front, with concert dates on the back. A pattern of chibi Mikus can be seen across the entire shirt.

This shirt is really gorgeous. Full-print shirts are certainly eye-catching, but Sameyama Jiro’s vibrant artwork contrasting against the grey background is pretty stunning. The material is quite thin however; I can imagine this shirt will need to be washed carefully. The shirt comes in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Here are some closeups!

My main issue with the shirt is the material. For £40, I’d perhaps expect it to be a bit nicer. Comparing it to a Cospa full-print shirt and MIKU EXPO USA 2016 full-print shirt I have, the material is noticeably thinner. However, the print is crisp, and the design being on both the front and back is a big plus.

Aside from the material I really can’t complain about this shirt! It looks fantastic when worn, and I just love the colours.

Price-wise it’s not too bad – Cospa shirts are usually around £40 (¥6,000), so it’s quite a fair price. For fans not willing to spend that much on a shirt (or those who feel the design is too bold), there will be a different design available for £30/€30, featuring Mikio’s Miku artwork.

Collage Group Happi – £45/€50

This was a piece of merchandise that really took me by surprise when it was announced! Though the MIKU EXPO USA tour did have a happi, I didn’t expect the smaller European tour to have one – especially a unique design.

A happi is a lightweight ‘coat’, usually worn to festivals. They have become very popular merchandise for Miku concerts, with their prices often going up after the event. They can be quite hard to obtain after a concert, as they are quite sought after.

At the time of writing, the happi has sold out on the store – however, it should be available at the venues!

This happi features Milo‘s artwork, from the Music Like Magic music video. The front design is simple, with cute cake designs! The back is where Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, Kaito and Meiko are all present, in their adorable ‘collage’ designs.

As you’d expect, the print is really nice and vibrant. The colour scheme is lovely, and it’s so exciting for Europe to have a unique happi coat design. Please bear in mind however that it’s a lightweight material, so it will not keep you warm! Remember to bring warmer clothing to wear underneath/over the happi.

The happi comes in one size, however it should fit most. It has very open sleeves, and doesn’t restrict movement. Being on the larger size, the happi fit me perfectly, and still had tonnes of room to move around in! For younger fans it might be too big however.

At £45 it is, unfortunately, a bit overpriced. MIKU EXPO USA’s happi was £35 ($45), so the European one is a little on the expensive side. That being said, in Japan they’re often around £40 (¥6,000) at Miku concerts, so it’s not much more than those. For some fans it’s a lot of money to spend on a coat you’ll likely only wear a few times, so the Chibi Miku Blouson Jacket might be a better purchase. This jacket will be £45/€50 also, and will be on sale at the venue.

For people that do want to own a happi, I’d highly recommend it! The design is adorable, colours are soft and it’s overall great quality.

Thank you for reading my review! You can buy the presale merchandise here.

One more thing to note…

Today, the official MIKU EXPO social media shared a document that will be very handy for buying merchandise at the concert! As anyone knows who has been to a busy event, it can be really difficult communicating what you’d like to buy. MIKU EXPO has a fix for that!

Simply print out this order sheet, fill it in, and hand it to the staff when buying your merch! It’ll make it a lot faster to get your items, and you know exactly how much you’ll be spending in advance.

That’s all for now! I hope you liked my review. Less than one week remains until the tour kicks off in Paris!

Remember we’re also working on our MIKU EXPO London fan project, which we need your help with! You can find details here.

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