Miku Expo Playlist!


We’re back today to present you with something we think you’ll love. For anyone attending Miku Expo this December, this playlist I’ve made compiles almost every song from Miku Expo, Magical Mirai and other official concerts! You’ll find classics like ‘Watashi no Jikan’ and ‘Innocence’, as well as more recent favourites like ‘Unknown Mother Goose’, ‘Through The Night’ and more! There’s a whopping 183 videos in this playlist, so it’ll keep you going for ages. It’s a great way to relive those old classics you’ve not heard in years, as well as brush up on the latest hits!

Of course, the first track had to be ‘Music Like Magic!’, the Miku Expo Europe theme by Oster Project!

We’ve used official producer uploads whenever possible, but reprints have been used where ones are missing.

We hope you’ll enjoy this playlist, and hope you’re looking forward to Miku Expo!

Thanks for reading!

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