MIKU EXPO 2018 European Tour!

It’s been a long wait for European fans! We’ve had fanmade events, official concerts from other companies and even official Hatsune Miku concert screenings. ‘THE END‘ opera has even visited Europe in the past!

But now, for the first time, Hatsune Miku will embark on her European tour! She’ll be travelling to France, Germany and the United Kingdom for three concerts in December. Keep reading below for the dates, ticket sales, trailer and main visual!

Some form of concert/performance in Paris was expected, as it was previously announced for Japonismes – but it’s safe to say that no one expected a full MIKU EXPO tour for Europe!

But wait! What is MIKU EXPO?

HATSUNE MIKU EXPO is a world concert tour, organized by Crypton Future Media, that brings along a variety of sub-events (exhibitions, workshops, club events …) where fans of all backgrounds can meet up and share various aspects of the creative culture surrounding Hatsune Miku.

MIKU EXPO is the name given to a series of official Hatsune Miku concerts that travel all over the world. Previous tours include the USA, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Canada and Taiwan! Despite the name, the concerts also feature Crypton’s other Vocaloids – namely, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, Kaito and Meiko. The concerts mostly focus on Miku, however rest assured, you can expect to see your favourite Crypton Vocaloid appear onstage!

MIKU EXPO was first held in Indonesia back in 2014, and later visited Los Angeles and New York. Proving to be a success with fans, more dates and tours were added over the years. Events also often tie into the concert, which has previously included DJ events and art workshops! This year, MIKU EXPO comes to Europe for the first time.

So, what do we know so far about MIKU EXPO Europe?

For starters, we love the main visual by Sameyama Jiro! This artwork is designed specifically for the European tour, and we can potentially hope to see some exclusive merchandise featuring it.

The tour dates are as follows:

Paris, France @ La Seine Musicale
December 1st (Saturday)  (Tied in with Japonismes )

Cologne, Germany @ Lanxess Arena
December 4th (Tuesday)

London, United Kingdom @ Olympia London
December 8th (Saturday)

As confirmed by Jrharbort, we can expect the tickets to go up for sale sometime on the 18th May JST (Japan Time). However, this means that depending on the time of sale, it could be the 17th May for us in Europe. With no specified time as of yet, all we can do is suggest keeping an eye on social media and the official website around the 17th and 18th.

Ticket prices and types are also unknown as of yet. Prices for MIKU EXPO USA vary from the $50 to $150 mark, depending on the type of ticket purchased, but it’s unclear yet whether the European tour will have a similar pricing structure.

Below is the official announcement trailer!

You can visit the official MIKU EXPO 2018 Europe website here!

In case you’ve not already heard it, Dixie Flatline (famous for Just Be Friends, Gemini and Continuation of Dreams) produced this year’s MIKU EXPO theme song!

That’s pretty much all we know for now! Check out the official Hatsune Miku and MIKU EXPO accounts, and be sure to follow them for future updates.

Hatsune Miku (Facebook)
Hatsune Miku (Twitter)
MIKU EXPO (Twitter)

Thanks for reading! We’re so excited about MIKU EXPO Europe, and hope to bring you future updates about it!

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