Goodsmile Vocaloid Figures at MCM London


We’re now two weeks away from one of the UK’s most popular and loved conventions – MCM Comic Con in London!

Pavilion Distribution will once again be in attendance, selling figures and merchandise on Goodsmile’s behalf. Their stall has proven to be popular over the past few conventions, and they always have a great catalogue available.

Many fans who attend conventions will be familiar however with the disappointment of heading to a stall only to find an item you’d wanted is sold out. Thankfully, Pavilion have worked to help fans with this! A website was launched on the 4th October, where you can not only see figures and prices – items can also be reserved, too!

Today, show exclusive figures were added to the site, so we’ll be summarising all of the Vocaloid-related goodies you can purchase! If you decide to reserve an item, you can either pay a £5 deposit, or the full amount. All payments are taken through PayPal.


Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2016 ver.
£39.99 – Purchase

Originally released in May, this adorable nendoroid is based on the popular Magical Mirai 2016 costume! She’ll surely be irresistible for any Miku fan – just look at that face!

Hatsune Miku: Sakura ver., Bloomed in Japan
£39.99 – Purchase

Sakura Miku is a classic design that many fans still love to this day. This is the second version of the nendoroid based on the design (not including the beautiful Mikudayo, of course). She features general improvements over the original, plus some great faceplates and adorable plaited twintails!

Hatsune Miku: Lion Dance ver.
£39.99 – Purchase

Lion Dance Miku will dance her way into your heart, and bring you good fortune! This particular nendoroid was a Goodsmile shop exclusive back in December 2016. Since then her aftermarket price has been rather high, so this is an amazing opportunity to pick up this cutie for a very reasonable price!

Hatsune Miku: Red Feather Community Chest Movement 70th Anniversary
£23.99 – Purchase

This Co-do was made in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Red Feather Community Chest Movement. Originally, ¥300 was donated from GSC and Crypton to the cause from each figure sold. But now, she’s still a stunning nendoroid to pick up, and has a very graceful air about her.

Hatsune Miku: Snow Owl (Snow Miku 2016)
£44.99 – Purchase

Snow Miku is something a lot of fans look forward to every year! It brings a lot of events, merchandise and of course, figures. Snow Owl 2016 is pretty unique amongst the designs, with a sporty theme! This nendoroid can be posed in a wide variety of ways, and comes with a huge range of accessories. Her hat is even made of real fabric!

Hatsune Miku: Twinkle Snow (Snow Miku 2017)
£49.99 – Purchase

A more elegant take on Snow Miku, this constellation-themed design is sure to be a star amongst your collection. The accessories are too cute!

Kagamine Len: Trickster Co-de
£25.99 – Purchase

This Project DIVA X module won a poll, and was turned into an adorable nendoroid Co-de! Len’s charming expression is perfectly captured, and expresses the design really well.

Nendoroid Petit

Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku Renewal ver.
£10.99 each (blind boxes) – Purchase

The third set of Vocaloid nendoroid petit figures faithfully capture more recent versions of the Crypton Vocaloids! Miku V3, Luka V4X, Kaito V3, Meiko V3, Rin V4X and Len V4X make up this Renewal set, with one secret figure also available.


Hatsune Miku: Snow Owl (Snow Miku 2016)
£49.99 – Purchase

If you prefer a less-chibi and more poseable variation of the Snow Owl design, the figma is the perfect choice. Featuring somewhat cheeky expressions, plenty of accessories and great joints, she’s definitely a standout Miku figma.

Hatsune Miku: Twinkle Snow (Snow Miku 2017)
£54.99 – Purchase

Similarly to the previous figure, if you prefer figures to be more poseable and with standard proportions, this figma is a great choice. She has such an elegant appearance!

Scale Figures

Hatsune Miku: 1/8 Cheerful ver. (Goodsmile)
£67.99 – Purchase

Something of a classic scale figure! Many fans will recognise this iconic figure, with the dynamic pose and vivid colours.

Super Sonico: 1/7 Racing 2013 ver. (Max Factory)
£119.99 – Purchase

Whilst not strictly Vocaloid, this is certainly a relevant figure to mention. Super Sonico is Nitroplus’ mascot character, who has been featured in a wide variety of media over the years. This scale figure in particular sees Sonico in a costume based directly on Racing Miku 2013! The design featured in the Super Sonico anime series, and has been adapted into a stunning scale figure. This is a personal favourite, and I can’t explain how beautiful this figure is in person.

Kagamine Rin: 1/12 Swimsuit ver. (FREEing)
£29.99 – Purchase

A small yet charming scale figure of Kagamine Rin!

Kagamine Len: 1/12 Swimsuit ver. (FREEing)
£29.99 – Purchase

Matching his counterpart, Len has been captured really well in this small scale figure.

That about summarises the Vocaloid merchandise on offer from Goodsmile/Pavilion Distribution this year!

Another note!

As with any convention, it’s unfortunate that bootleg merchandise makes countless appearances.

Buying official merchandise not only supports the interests you have (as money is fed back to the companies that had a hand in it), but it also supports reliable companies.

If you have any questions regarding bootlegs, reliable companies or general tips, please feel free to message me! Bootlegs are something I am passionately and actively against, and I’m always more than happy to offer help to fellow fans.

Thank you for reading! To those attending MCM this month, I hope you have a great time!

I will be there on the Saturday wearing two Hatsune Miku ita bags, and likely a full-print Miku Expo shirt. If you spot me, please do say hi!

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