Robo ‘Endless Dream Machine’ CD Review

It was only back in June that I last posted about Italian producer Robo’s latest CD, ‘Singles Selection 2015-2016’ on the Vocaloid Amino. Here I am again with yet another release from Robo!

Endless Dream Machine

This album features a total of 9 tracks, and once again I simply cannot fault the music. If you’ve not heard of Robo, he’s basically bubbly electronic club music with kz-esque vocals. BIGHEAD also worked on the album (the two have previously collaborated before) which I’m sure will interest a lot of people! If electronic music is your thing, you absolutely need to check out Robo. Even if you’re mostly a fan of cute-sounding music, there are a number of tracks on the album you’d probably love.

Not only is Robo a talented musician, but he also illustrates all the artwork you see featured.


  1. Sky Highway
  2. Play My Game
  3. Goodbye
  4. Moushi Ageru
  6. Questions
  7. Heaven’s Restaurant
  8. Yamagaru Ajime Masu Ta
  9. Yoichi Nite

His latest music seem to almost remind me of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Harajuku Iyahoi specifically) a little in terms of some backing music. All 9 songs are actually available to check out on his YouTube channel – however if you have the funds, it’s really nice to own the physical CD. Check out the promo and some songs below!

As with the previous CDs, it comes with a gorgeous poster featuring Robo’s artwork.

So let’s look at some photos!

Below are all three CDs and posters together!

And here’s the CD itself.

You can purchase the CD or digital album on his Bandcamp here!

Thank you for reading!

Robo Links:
Tumblr (Artwork)

Twitter (cakey)

Vocallective Records
Twitter (azureflux)
Bandcamp Store
Fan Club


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