Alter/Ego ‘Bones’ (Physical Edition) Review

Hello! We’re back after a long break to review an item that arrived yesterday!

Alter/Ego ‘Bones’ (Physical Edition)

We’ll be taking a look at the physical packaging itself, rather than the software. Hopefully, this will help people decide whether or not they want to purchase him!

Who is ‘Bones’?

Bones is an English and Japanese voicebank for Plogue’s Alter/Ego voice synth software. Voiced by Tora Ouji (also known as giraffeyyyy), he was released October 31st 2016 and is a free to download voicebank. For voice samples and demos, check out this official playlist! Bones is designed specifically to work with Alter/Ego, and does not work with Plogue’s other voice synth software, Chipspeech.

So why the physical version?

BONES’ Physical Edition is for those who love to collect software boxes, or who prefer having physical versions as backup! – Tora Ouji

Though the voicebank itself is entirely free to download, Tora himself decided to release a physical version, so that people who love to collect (such as myself!) could own a copy to put on a shelf. It serves as a nice display piece, especially to go alongside Vocaloid or other voice synth products.

It’s true that many people might be put off the idea of spending money on something that is essentially free, which is completely fair.

For example, with something such as a video-game, you have the choice of buying it digitally or physically (whether to save on space, buy it in a bundle, etc) – however in this case with Bones, you’re choosing to spend money on something that is usually free. It depends on the person – but being a collector myself, I was very excited to purchase a physical copy!

So let’s take a look!

The packing itself is lovely. The art by Sleppu is fantastic, and the overall box design is done well. It reflects Vocaloid packaging, but is unique enough that it stands out. It’s attractive, and actually looks pretty professional! The back of the box is nice too, with details about Alter/Ego, system requirements and credits.

A shot of the open box! I love the full print on the disc.

There’s a nice poster inside, which also serves as an advertisement for NATA and Marie Ork, as well as phonetic tables.

That about does it for photos!

Overall, I think the finished product is really high quality. The box design is professional, Sleppu’s art is gorgeous and I really like the poster/advertisement inside, it adds a nice touch! Having a full print on the disc itself makes it feel that much nicer, as opposed to a simple plain disc.

Priced at $20 plus shipping, it can seem a bit costly for what it is. However, once taking into account all the work that would have gone into it, as well as manufacturing costs, I feel that the price is pretty fair. I think anyone who buys this is buying either as a collector, or to support creators they’re a fan of, and I can’t see the $20 price tag putting them off.

Personally, he’s a welcome addition to my collection, and will sit perfectly alongside other voice synths and merchandise!

Bones can be purchased from Tora’s Storenvy here.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this review.

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