ASDR ‘Colour By Neon’ Album Review


Today we’ll be looking at an upcoming album by the group/circle ASDR! We’ve posted about ASDR before, including an interview with the founder herself, Mrs.Peach – but for the purpose of this post, we’ll introduce ASDR again just in case you missed it!

What is ASDR?

ASDR, short for ‘AssembleSynthesizeDirectRelay’, is a group (or ‘circle’) consisting of VOCALOID/UTAU musicians, and was founded by Ireland-based producer Mrs.Peach. Producers within the group collaborate to produce a number of compilation albums, featuring a wide range of synth voicebanks and genres – but better yet, all funds raised from album sales are donated to Befrienders Worldwide, a volunteer group that help to prevent suicide. Their albums are available to purchase digitally via Bandcamp.

Colour By Neon Album

Yes, ASDR are back and we would like to present our latest project. Colour By Neon. A retrospective on the 80’s. Expect big hair, shoulder pad, plenty of cheese and loads of Synth. – Mrs. Peach

Colour By Neon is an 80’s influenced album scheduled for release on the 10th June, and as with other ASDR releases, it features a range of songs from a variety of producers. Some tracks are available to purchase individually, however the whole 12-track album itself will be priced at $8, which is a pretty neat deal!

The album cover is really sleek and conveys the theme of the album perfectly. I personally feel it looks very professional compared to other ASDR album covers, and it stands out well on the Bandcamp page!

Below is the tracklist – you may recognise some familiar producers! It’s also clear to see that a nice range of Vocaloids have been used, which will likely be appealing for many people. Cyber Diva, Cyber Songman, Daina and Avanna are a few of my personal favourites, so I’m happy to see them present!

1. Sycee – Colour By Neon feat. Cyber Songman
2. MSKyuuni – Hard to Get feat. Megurine Luka & Dex
3. Karnia*Joy – Dance Up On Me feat. Avanna
4. IrisFlower – Jubilee feat. Megurine Luka & Kagamine Rin
5 .LesJosuaManga feat. Pastel – No More feat. Gumi
6. Raito – Desert Lament feat. Avanna
7. ManaT – Forget Me Not feat. Avanna
8. baggagelizard – The Freedom To See feat. Daina, Dex & Oliver
9. MakushiFrequency – Outlaws feat. Avanna
10. VocallegraHelen – Radical Redial Remixes feat. Daina & Zabunne Ally
11. KNΞMΛTCS – Out Of Control feat. Dex
12. Mrs.Peach – Drive By Cyanide feat. Cyber Diva

Other credits:
Project Lead: Mrs.Peach
Art Lead: Iris Flower
Lead Technician: GuitarHeroPianoZero
Design Lead: Vixki
PR Lead: R3D0K4

So that’s the tracklist – now, I’ll take a quick look at each song, giving my personal thoughts on them!

Colour By Neon by Sycee – This song sets the tone of the album right off the bat, and is really well done. Cyber Songman is tuned simply but clearly, and all of the synthesised instruments overall give a really nice vibe! This song is a perfect introduction to the album, and it’s just great fun to listen to.
Links: Soundcloud / YouTube

This song even has an MMDPV! Check it out on ASDR’s channel below.

Hard to Get by MSKyuuni – This follows from the previous song really well. The chorus has a fantastic melody, and the vocals are great! Dex is used in a lower range and it suits him! The song has a nice solid beat to it, which I love.
Links: Soundcloud / YouTubeBandcamp

Dance Up On Me by Karnia*Joy – Whilst a thoroughly enjoyable song, the vocals and lyrics, I feel, are a little choppy in areas, but I  really love the instrumental backing! It fits the album theme very well.
Links: Bandcamp

Jubilee by IrisFlower – What a cheerful song! The vocals feel slightly lacklustre against the backing music, but overall it’s a really nice track. Whilst I’d say it isn’t a personal favourite song from the album, I think some people will like this one a lot.
Links: VocaDB

An adorable PV is available to watch below!

No More by LesJosuaManga – If you’ve heard of LesJosuaManga, you know this is gonna be a great track. And yup, it’s pretty fantastic. The clear yet distorted vocals, heavenly beat and great melody all make this a beautiful song.
Links: VocaDB

Desert Lament by Raito – The lyrics for this song feel very slightly off-beat in areas, but not to the point where it’s distracting. It’s a nicely done song, and there are some sections of it that I really like – particularly towards the second half where the guitars start picking up!
Links: Bandcamp

Forget Me Not by ManaT – There’s something pretty cool about the backing music, it’s quite distorted and quiet but appealing. The vocals feel like they perhaps needed some more mixing in areas (as they feel loud and quiet in some sections), but overall I do like this song!
Links: YouTube / Bandcamp

The Freedom To See by baggagelizard – This is a producer I think some people will recognise! I’d say this is one of the songs that stands out from the album. It has a somewhat different tone than the others, and I’m certain some people will really like this one.
Links: VocaDB

Outlaws by MakushiFrequency – Ah, this is such a pretty song! The vocals have some unique effects on them, and they sound almost haunting. The whole song is really nicely done, and it gives off a great atmosphere.
Links: Soundcloud / YouTube

Radial Redial Remixers by VocallegraHelen – I feel that perhaps it could do with some mixing work, as occasionally the backing track can get quite loud. But overall I still really like it, and I can see this producer doing well in the future!
Links: Bandcamp / YouTube

Out of Control by KNΞMΛTCS – I’d say this is one of my favourites on the album. It has similar strengths to No More – distorted yet clear vocals, a great beat, and a nice melody to go with it. Dex sounds so smooth and velvety!
Links: Souncloud / YouTube

This song also has a PV, available to watch on ASDR’s channel below!

Drive By Cyanide by Mrs.Peach – And last but certainly not least, we have Mrs.Peach herself! Her style is quite easily recognisable, and her talents really shine in this song. The chorus is catchy, and naturally, it fits the theme of the album so well. It’s one of the tracks where you can’t help but tap your foot!
Links: VocaDB

I love albums by ASDR, however I think I can say without a doubt that this album is really high quality, even compared to their other work. Every song within it has clearly had so much work put into it, and I applaud every single one of the producers featured! For $8 this album is definitely worth it, and there are a few songs that really stand out.

The album can be pre-ordered here!

Thank you for reading my review! If you enjoyed the music here, please be sure to check out more work from the producers mentioned.

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