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Today I’ll be introducing you to a brand new vocalist, available to purchase for the free voice synthesizer, Alter/Ego!

A new English voice synthesizer. NATA functions with most DAWs, allowing you to make young adult, female vocals with an intuitive UI.

The whole English dictionary is at your disposal, as are multiple parameters that make the vocals more expressive (vibrato, legato, sibilance, phoneme speed, etc).

– NATA’s Introduction

Meet NATA!

Cute, isn’t she?!

Released on January 11th 2017, NATA is the latest addition to Plogue’s free voice synthesizer software, ‘Alter/Ego’.

Created by Azureflux, Tora and Uru, NATA is a brand new English female vocalist ready to sing for you!

As mentioned above, Plogue’s Alter/Ego software itself is completely free, and is available to download here. It’s a great little piece of kit for an aspiring or professional musician, who perhaps doesn’t want to spend tons, or are interested in trying other types of vocal synthesizers.

Whilst the software may produce some choppier results than others, the style, price and community are what makes the difference.  Alter/Ego is a real-time voice synthesizer, so it functions in a very different manner than something such as UTAU or VOCALOID, and thus produces very different results. Like anything, practice makes perfect!

It is specially tailored for musical needs – simply type in your lyrics, and then play on your MIDI keyboard. It’s a true synthesizer, the sound can be extensively modified for easy and expressive performances.

-Plogue’s Website regarding Alter/Ego

Also to note, Alter/Ego is pretty much a free version of Plogue’s other software Chipspeech. Alter/Ego focuses on modern voicebanks, whereas Chipspeech focuses on vintage vocalists. If you like Alter/Ego, definitely check out what Chipspeech has to offer!

Similarly to VOCALOID, voicebanks themselves are made by a variety of different people – however, rather than big-budget voicebanks that cost an arm and a leg, Alter/Ego voicebanks tend to be created by smaller and more personal organisations. ALYS, created by French group Voxwave, is another vocalist available for the software.

So let’s get back to discussing NATA!

Headed by Vocallective founder and music producer Azureflux, NATA is a great example of the community coming together to create wonderful things. With a clear and mature voice, unique design and potentially great range, NATA is certainly a vocalist worth using.

Available now for €47.72 + VAT, she’s a fairly inexpensive way of obtaining a new voicebank, and could be a great way for aspiring new members of the community to create vocal-synthesized music, without the costs of other similar software.

Let’s take a look at some of her demos!

Like what you hear? NATA can be purchased here via the official website – if you click ‘Purchase’, you’ll find her!

This project has had so much love put into it on Azureflux’s part, and it’s amazing to have seen her creation over the past few months. Let’s cheer NATA on, and see her rise to fame!

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