Happy 9th Birthday, Miku!


I’m sure many had noticed the sudden surge of content featuring a certain teal-haired girl on their various newsfeeds yesterday – yes, it’s that time of the year! Yesterday, the world-famous virtual idol Hatsune Miku turned 9 years old.

Whilst Miku herself is a musical instrument, she means something different to everyone – a synthesised vocalist to some, an idol to others and a source of creativity for many! However you view her, it’s always exciting to celebrate her birthday.

Naturally, many fans choose this day to upload new songs, illustrations, MMD models and cosplay shots, to take part in the celebrations. Not only that, but yesterday was also the release date for Hatsune Miku V4X! So, let’s take a look at some of the major news and songs!

Hatsune Miku V4X Release

To mark her 9th anniversary, the brand new V4X voicebank was released!

Illustrations by iXima.

Her Japanese voicebanks consist of Original, Soft, Solid, Dark and Sweet, plus an English voicebank. Specifically, the Original, Soft and Solid voicebanks also come with the E.V.E.C (Enhanced Voice Expression Control) function!

Hatsune Miku V4X is available in the following formats:

  • Japanese and English bundle
  • Japanese
  • English
  • English (without Piapro Studio)

A brand new demo was also released, showing off the capabilities of the English voicebank. It covers ‘Melody’, by VerseQuence (MJQ and Eri) – due to it being a cover, it allows for a very clear comparison between the demo and original V3 English version. Check the demo out below!

You can listen to the original V3 English version here.

V4X MMD Models

Two popular MMD modellers have released brand new Miku V4X models,  available to download and use now!


Famous for his spot-on Miku models that capture iXima’s art perfectly, as well as Vocamerica’s models, Yoistyle treats fans to his latest creation.


OS formula

OS formula is a modeller who takes pride in creating things from scratch! His talent has improved wonderfully over the years, and this Miku model shows off his skill very well!




As always, a number of producers uploaded some new work! Here are a few examples, including some remixes and new original songs.

Hand in Hand (Remix) – Hachioji ft. Miku (originally by KZ)

World Trippin’ 2016 – car.ess ft. Miku

Ai Kotoba (Remix) – CYO Style ft. Miku (Originally by DECO*27)

(This remix had been uploaded to Soundcloud a number of months ago, however CYO Style has uploaded it in a video format to celebrate Miku’s birthday)

Melody Of Starry Sky – Udon timer P ft. Miku

Tell Your World (Remix) – Ujico/Snail’s House ft. Miku (Originally by KZ)

(This remix was originally exclusive, however it has been made public via Soundcloud to celebrate Miku’s birthday!)

Lamentos – AJ/Music ft. Miku

Other Recent News

There has been a lot of Miku-related news lately, though not all tied directly to her birthday. So, here are a few of the main announcements!

LUX Advert

Miku once again works her way into the advertising industry! At the recent Miku Symphony concert, fans were treated to a short teaser detailing an upcoming Lux x Hatsune Miku collaboration advert, which is now live!

The advert showcases a new line of shampoo and conditioner, under the Lux Super Rich Shine Straight & Beauty line. Background music is provided by MitchieM, titled Future Overture (LUX Ver.). Famous actress Scarlett Johansson also makes an appearance!

Thailand Racing Miku

This years Thailand Racing Miku design has been revealed! Illustrated by Mai Yoneyama, the dynamic pose, tanned skin and summer-like outfit give a more mature side to the cute 2016 design.


EmpathP Miku V4X English Song

Whilst it wasn’t listed as a ‘demo’ as such for Miku V4X, EmpathP was given the voicebank to use in an original song! This song, titled ‘Side Chara(cter)’ is based on popular indie game ‘Undertale’, and is from the view of the character called Chara. This is EmpathP’s second Undertale-inspired song to date, with more on the way! She plans to release an EP titled ‘Friends or Flowers?’, with a CD release sometime after that.

This is the ‘cast list’ for her upcoming Undertale songs! If you happen to be an Undertale fan like myself, this is a project to keep a close eye on.

Chara – Miku
Sans – DEX
Frisk – Cyber Diva
Flowey – Daina
Toriel – Sweet Ann
Papyrus – YOHIOloid


Some exciting news for Magical Mirai 2016! A collaboration is in place between Gatebox and Hatsune Miku, which will demo at the concert.

In case you’ve not heard of it, Gatebox is a project by Vinclu that aims to bring a holographic ‘waifu’ into your life, who can help around the house by controlling various devices. To promote this project, Gatebox have paired up with Hatsune Miku, to demonstrate the features using the famous twin-tailed idol! Registration can be done here. You can watch a trailer for Gatebox below!

Project DIVA X America and Europe Release

Fans across America and Europe can now get their hands on a copy of Project DIVA X for PS4 and/or PS Vita! The game is available physically and digitally for America, and digital-only for Europe.

The game is the latest instalment in the series, and implements a number of changes much to the pleasure and displeasure of fans, including an RPG-esque story mode, random module drops (as opposed to buying them with points), live-only PVs, and medley songs. It’s certainly a standout title in the series due to these changes, whether they be good or bad, and is worth picking up! It features a number of notable songs, as well as a number of challenges to hold your interest in it. Check out the launch trailer below!

SEGA also made an announcement regarding the game in terms of streaming. As Vocaloid music is fan-created, there are naturally potential issues with this – so, a feature has been implemented to help this! If you’re planning on streaming the game, be sure to give this a read.

Hi everybody – with Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X now available to the public on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, we hope you’re loving the experience of helping out Miku and her pals as they try to re-energize their digital world! There’s one serious topic we’d like to bring up though, and that’s the concept of streaming/recorded gameplay.

Arguably one of the coolest things about Hatsune Miku and her friends is the fact that they exist because there’s such a strong community behind her. Every one of her songs, dances, etc., are created by Miku fans, just like you! This also means that those fans who created that content also retain rights to it.

What this means is the artists and their labels have the right to control how this content is distributed, including popular streaming/video sites like Twitch and YouTube. To ensure our fans do not inadvertently run into infringement complications, all while allowing you to share your gameplay with your friends, the video streaming from your PS4’s “Share” feature removes the music from your stream, allowing you to stream without worries.

…But for those other content creators who rely on direct feed, we want to be transparent so you don’t run the risk of impacting your channel.

That’s it! For the majority of those who will share gameplay video natively through the PS4, there’s nothing to worry about. But for those other content creators, we wanted to make sure we were clear on the risks of leaving the game music in your uploads/streams!


Osanzi ‘3.5 O’Clock’ Album

Popular electronic producer Osanzi released a new album! It’s something of an extension of his previous ‘3 O’Clock’ album, featuring a total of 18 songs as opposed to 11. Below, you can find the purchase links and YouTube crossfade!


Magical Mirai 2016 Nendoroid (Fully Painted)

A fully painted prototype of the Magical Mirai 2016 nendoroid has been revealed, via the 9th Anniversary livestream!

Image Source


Sony Xperia Advert

Whilst slightly old news now, it’s still worth mentioning! As part of the Xperia ft. Hatsune Miku collaboration (featuring a number of downloadable ringtones for Japanese Xperia users), a music video was recently revealed. It features a remix of ‘VOICES’ by tilt-six, as well as a beautiful music video. Check it out below!

Other Recent Music

Let’s wind down this article with some recent Vocaloid songs!

Shining World – Stereoman ft. Miku

life is 39 – Masa ft. Miku

(Whilst originally from the album ADULT, Masa uploaded a YouTube PV for the track)

I’m glad you’re evil too – PinocchioP ft. Miku

KociŁapci! – Marvyanaka ft. MAIKA

Explorers Of The Sea – Mizudori Dreamer ft. Dex

Piece Of Ice – PLAMA ft. Kagamine Len, Yuzuki Yukari

Hanabito – Kirara Seika ft. Luka

The Reality We Took For Granted – AdyS ft. GUMI

Cry Cry Cry – OkameP ft. Miku

Not The Same – NeutrinoP ft. GUMI

I think that about wraps it up! Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ve enjoyed celebrating Miku’s 9th birthday!

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