For just over a month, popular producer EmpathP (Aki) has been running a Kickstarter to fund her project, titled ‘VOCAMERICA: The Western VOCALOID Concert Project‘.


The project was initially announced some time ago, however the Kickstarter itself went up on the 24th June, ending on the 29th July.

I’m excited to announce that Vocamerica raised a grand total of…


The initial funding goal was $5,000, so to see this reach just over 4 times this amount is phenomenal, to say the least!

I’d just like to take a moment to congratulate Aki on this massive achievement. She’s done a wonderful job of organising this, and it’s clear to see the amount of time and effort she’s put into it. It’s been great to see the Vocaloid fanbase pull together and make this project a reality!

So, let’s summarise some of the main points!

Stretch Goals

A number of stretch goals were available for the project, mostly focused on introducing more Vocaloids to the concerts. These Vocaloids are in addition to the original performers (Dex, Daina, Ruby, Maika, Namida and Aiko).

Overall, we unlocked the following:

That’s a big lineup!

Initially, the stretch goals only went up to SONiKA, but as the Kickstarter neared its end, Aki decided to introduce a few more. First was Big Al, which was funded incredibly fast. After that, at the request of Yoistyle and Akuo, she added Tonio and Prima, which were unlocked! Bruno and Clara were also stretch goals, but sadly we didn’t quite reach them – however, it seems like Aki hopes to add them in the future.

These stretch goal Vocaloids will be added to the concerts one by one, starting with the second concert. They will not be introduced for the first concert, as there simply isn’t enough time to put together motion data, choreography and models before then. Also, anyone who backed $15 or above will receive free keyrings of the stretch goal Vocaloids, from AVANNA to Big Al!

Tonio and Prima will receive keyrings in the future, however they won’t be free for backers – instead, backers will be given access to a special discount code.

The $1,000 UTAU

One of the main pledge tiers of Vocamerica was a $1,000 tier, which allowed a fan to have their own UTAU added to the concerts! This UTAU would be the opening act, which is quite a big honour, and a great way to get some publicity for the voicebank.

The UTAU had to be pre-approved by Aki before the pledge could be made, as it needed to be of a certain quality (sorry, no Sekushi Beikon) – the chosen UTAU remained a secret throughout the Kickstarter, but was finally revealed!


The UTAU was revealed to be Viki Hopper – a female bilingual (English and Japanese) voicebank by Seiun Virtual Idols! She will perform an original song by Aki herself. Below is the demo (a cover of HOLD FIRE by heart★breaker), showing off Viki’s vocals!

A number of t-shirts featuring Viki are also available from Seiun’s store!


I’ve heard a number of people asking whether merchandise will be available after the Kickstarter, so thought I’d mention this!

Naturally, Kickstarter-exclusive merchandise (such as palette-swapped keyrings) are only produced for backers, and will not be available in the future. However, all other merchandise will be available at the concerts! Aki is also planning to set up an online store after the first concert, to allow fans across the world to purchase merchandise. If you weren’t able to pledge towards the Kickstarter, don’t worry – you’ll still be able to buy merchandise!

If you backed the project, you should have received your surveys via email, which will allow you to fill out shipping details, and preferences as to what items you wish to receive.

I think that about does it! Any questions? Feel free to get in touch!

Thank you for reading! Below are some useful links.

Vocamerica Kickstarter

Twitter (cakey)

Vocallective Records
Twitter (azureflux)
Bandcamp Store
Fan Club


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