Vocallective Records Fan Club


Today we have some very exciting news from Vocallective Records! A brand new method of purchasing Vocaloid music via their Bandcamp has been established. But first, let’s get the main question out of the way!

Logo Vocallective

Who are Vocallective Records?

A lot of the time, I hear people struggling to find new producers or albums to listen to – or rather, where to look. Whether you’re looking for overseas producers or Japanese ones, the world of Vocaloid can be incredibly daunting to any fan!

In come Vocallective Records – one of the best sources for Vocaloid music!


Vocallective Sampler #4 Album

Vocallective work alongside a variety of Vocaloid/UTAU producers to share and promote their work, as well as sell them via a variety of websites – Bandcamp in particular. They’ve worked with many names you’ll likely recognise, including EmpathP, Steampianist, nostraightanswer, ODDEEO and neutrinoP, and of course many many others. Vocallective do a brilliant job sharing work from these talented musicians, and put all of their albums in easy-to-access locations. Vocallective was founded by music producer Azureflux, and over the years, has gained many members and fans!

Essentially, they are a record label that put many different Vocaloid albums under one united name, making it far easier to explore and discover new music. Naturally, due to the wide variety of producers that Vocallective work with, albums can come pretty much in any music genre or language you could think of, as well as other vocal synths! They even have a YouTube channel where you can check out most releases before purchasing them, as well as some music videos!

ODDEEO – This_feeling_is_a_cliché… ft. GUMI

We actually partnered up with Vocallective some time ago, which you can read about here!

So, what is this ‘Fan Club’?

Similarly to Patreon, the idea is that you pay a certain amount each month, and depending on the tier, receive certain rewards. This is a great way to directly support Vocallective (helping to keep them active), and get some great music in the process! Of course, by also doing this, you’ll receive more music than you would by purchasing albums individually.

The tiers are as follows:

$9 Per Month
Any new digital releases
Access to a fan community
Digital downloads of the 6 albums below


$12 Per Month
All above rewards
You’ll be credited in every release

$20 Per Month
All above rewards
Any upcoming merchandise

Considering that Vocallective are very active with album releases each month, this is a fantastic way to give them some sustainable support, as well as knock a few dollars off the cost!

Visit the fan club page here!

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch!

Thank you for reading!

Twitter (cakey)

Vocallective Records
Twitter (azureflux)
Bandcamp Store
Fan Club



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