News Roundup, July 7th


We’re back again to round up some of the latest Vocaloid news and recommend some producers!

Hatsune Miku V4X Design & Release Date

After roughly a year-long wait, we’ve finally been treated to some solid news about Miku V4X! Her brand new design by iXima (also her V3 illustrator) appeared on the official website, along with an August 31st release date. Check out iXima’s new design below!


Her Japanese voicebanks consist of Original, Soft, Solid, Dark and Sweet, plus an English voicebank. Specifically, the Original, Soft and Solid voicebanks will also come with the E.V.E.C (Enhanced Voice Expression Control) function!

Hatsune Miku V4X will be available in the following formats:

  • Japanese and English bundle
  • Japanese
  • English
  • English (without Piapro Studio)

Below are some uses of Miku V4X!

Ghost Rule – DECO*27

Amazing Magician – Mitchie M

Before The Snow Melts – doriko

Dreaming Macaroon Girl – Re:nG

Anachronism Noise – tilt-six

Sugar and Spicy

Not too long ago, a teaser trailer for an upcoming Internet Co product was uploaded, with the two featured characters named ‘Sugar’ and ‘Spicy’. Silhouettes were shown alongside short previews of the voices, and it was revealed to be a collaboration with MTK. Up until now, most people naturally assumed these would be two separate characters, but thanks to the new trailer below, we now know that this isn’t the case!

Instead, Sugar and Spicy are in fact two different voices for one Vocaloid, named Otomachi Una. Their designs were also revealed, with some high-quality visuals available on the official site. The voice provider has also been revealed to be Aimi Tanaka, famous for the anime role of Umaru (Himouto! Umaru-chan). Check out some visuals below (more here)!

Visit the official website here!

New Figures

Hatsune Miku Lion Dance ver. – Good Smile Company

The fully-painted Lion Dance nendoroid from GSC has been revealed via Kahotan’s blog! The photos demonstrate some of the adorable accessories and faceplates, and it’s safe to say she looks fantastic. She goes up for pre-order on Good Smile’s store today!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Racing Miku 2016 figma – Good Smile Racing

The Good Smile Racing sponsorships are currently still ongoing, however initially only the nendoroid had been revealed, leaving many fans unsure in regards to paying for the unrevealed figma. However at long last, the figma has been unveiled with a brand new gallery detailing her features and accessories!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hatsune Miku Sweet Princess – Myethos x MaosouHouse

A prototype has not yet been revealed, but a visual for a new original Miku figure was uploaded recently. Sporting a stunning lolita-inspired gown and stepping down a tiered cake base, this is bound to be a Miku figure like no other!


Magical Mirai 2016 Theme

The theme song and PV for Magical Mirai 2016 has been revealed! The song is titled ’39 Music’, and is produced by MikitoP. The catchy song is accompanied by an adorable music video, featuring art by まご and animation by Not-116. Check it out below!

Vocamerica – $7,000 Stretch Goal Reached!


At the time of writing, the Vocamerica Kickstarter has reached a whopping $7,447! The project was funded (at $5,000) within 48 hours, and has now passed the first stretch goal, which is a merchandise upgrade.

A new pledge tier has been added in light of this! EmpathP describes the tier below.

Diamond Reward Package: you will receive all the previous rewards from the Platinum package, receive 2 additional keychains featuring either Aiko Kikyuune, Namida, MAIKA, or RUBY, plus receive your choice of one DEX or DAINA limited edition Pudding Plush created by Neko Kitty Studios exclusively for VOCAMERICA. (Includes additional shipping charges).

Two New Publications

Two new English releases have been announced! Fans of manga or light novels will certainly be interested in these – it’s great to see more and more Vocaloid-related media gaining official translations!

Seven Seas
‘The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku’ (light novel)

By Muya Agami, cosmo, & Yunagi


Dark Horse
Rin Chan Now! (manga)

Bysezu, OwataP, and Hiro Tamura


And now onto some music!


GIF found via: From Project DIVA 2nd (PSP) Opening, by SEGA, CFM.

STAY WITH YOU – Robo x BIGHEAD ft. Hatsune Miku

Now this is an incredibly exciting collaborative song! I myself am a huge fan of both of these producers (having reviewed one of Robo’s CDs a while back), so seeing them produce a song together is a dream come true. Those who enjoy electronic music with cute visuals and vocals should check this out!

Ageha Glow – Masa ft. Hatsune Miku, Gumi

If there’s anyone here who’s followed VocaEuro for a little while, you might have noticed my adoration for Masa’s music – personally, I find his music to be of a consistently high standard, with each new song feeling like a huge hit! Ageha Glow is no exception.

The Day I Die – YusukeKira ft. Ruby

Whilst not yet available on YouTube (as explained in the video description), YusukeKira has uploaded his latest song to Bandcamp! For those who haven’t heard, YusukeKira is a young German producer whose tuning style has been compared to the likes of GigaP (and having previously worked with Yunosuke).  He has produced four original songs thus far, with ‘The Day I Die’ being the fourth. You can purchase it on Bandcamp here!

REGRET – Yoppy-VU ft. Dex

With some help from S.O.U.L, Yoppy released their first original song! It has a great sounding chorus, and is accompanied with a fantastic PV from GHOST. Check it out below!

Situation of Mine – Makkusan ft. Dex

A great electronic song from Makkusan! It’s the kind of track you can really tap your foot to.

Game of Cards – Kiwi Flute ft. Hatsune Miku, YOHIOloid, Oliver

Drawing inspiration from Yohio, Selector Infected Wixoss and exam stress, Kiwi Flute has uploaded a new song! It’s not often you hear people use Miku and YOHIOloid in the same song, but they work surprisingly well together. Definitely a track worth checking out!

The Lovers’ Lullaby – DaughterOfWhite ft. Gumi

This song was originally intended for a Skyrim mod, but it never panned out,  so DaughterOfWhite has covered it using Gumi!

Rapunzel – n-buna ft. Hatsune Miku

A beautiful rock ballad mixed with softly tuned vocals come together to create a stunning track, complete with some simple but fitting visuals.

Sanaleikki – コーヒー先生 ft. V Flower

This is a great Finnish rock track featuring V Flower! The vocals are really well tuned, and the overall song is so well put together. It honestly blew me away in terms of quality, it’s certainly a recommendation for any fans of rock music! Available on Vocallective Records for $1.

Funeral of my heart – OkameP ft. Hatsune Miku

OkameP is a producer known for his beautiful rock songs, and I’m always happy to see a new upload from him! ‘Funeral of my heart’ is, as expected, a great new song!

Baby Maniacs (Osanzi Remix) – Osanzi ft. Hatsune Miku (original HachioujiP)

Two popular figures in the electronic genre combine here! Osanzi has remixed ‘Baby Maniacs’ by Hachiouji, and the result is pretty darn good!

That about does it for this post today!

For fans in the UK, remember that Hyper Japan (London) is right around the corner – a great chance to see ALYS live in concert and watch a screening of IA Party A Go Go!


In our last post, we interviewed VocaPeach and discussed the latest album from ASDR!

Circuit Breaker

Thanks for reading!

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