New Vocaloids, Vocamerica, ALYS and Music Recommendations


We’re back with a quick update about some Vocaloid news and album/music recommendations!

I have access to a Chromebook now, which I’ll be using to hopefully be more active (since leaving my previous job I’ve struggled for chances to write blogs). I created a short survey recently asking what content people would like to see here in the future! If you’re interested, please consider taking a quick look! We want to create content you guys will enjoy, so feedback about the positives/negatives will really help us out if you have a spare minute or two.

Let’s start with a few bits of news!

Vocaloid News

Sugar and Spicy

Two brand new Vocaloids have been revealed by Internet Co., going by the names Sugar and Spicy! In what appears to be an Anon/Kanon or Rin/Len inspired pair of voicebanks, the two seem to have clear voices that balance one another out – Sugar with the cute, soft vocals, and Spicy with the stronger vocals. The pair have had a short YouTube clip uploaded revealing their voices, along with silhouettes and obscured 3D models for their designs. Not much else is known about them yet other than their July 30th release date, so we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled from any updates from Internet Co.! They are also the product of a collaboration between Internet Co. and MTK (a design and animation company), under the (we assume) project name Music City 57. Check out the trailer below!

LamazeP’s ‘Po Pi Po’ in Just Dance 2017

First it was Otomania’sIevan Polkka‘, this time it’s LazameP’sPo Pi Po‘! That’s right, Po Pi Po will be featured in the upcoming Just Dance 2017 game! In the video we have a nicely designed Miku rocking out the famous dance moves, along with some vegetable companions. Check it out below!

Didn’t see Ievan Polkka in Just Dance 2016? Check it out below!

2nd ALYS Album ‘Espoir’ Pre-orders Open

With the crossfade uploaded to YouTube yesterday, the pre-orders for the second ALYS compilation album are now open! The album is priced at 20,00 €, and comes with an exclusive poster (similarly to how the first CD came with a keyring). Check out the crossfade and tracklist below! Voxwave also wrote a feature about the producers on the album (in French) here!

1) Cybernetic Dream (Instrumental) – 1:48
2) Sous cette pluie (Live) – 5:19
3) The Bad Moon (Live) – 4:41
4) Hajime Ni (Live) – 3:28
5) Dancing Samurai (Live) – 3:10
6) Depuis mon coeur – 3:41
7) SHARDS – 5:27
8) Marche au pas (Live) – 4:16
9) ALYS is love (Instrumental) – 13:09
10) Horizons – 4:55
11) Boundary – 4:26
12) Histoire Millénaire – 4:38
13) P.E.U.R – 4:51
+ Bonus track online through a secret access

You can preorder the album here! Any fans in the UK who are attending Hyper Japan this July will be able to pre-order this CD, and pick it up from Voxwave’s booth for no extra charge! It’s a great way to secure a copy of this album before getting to the convention! To do this, simply pre-order the album and when selecting postage, choose the Hyper Japan option.


IA Merchandise on CD Japan

Up until now it’s been very difficult for overseas fans to get their hands on IA merchandise, unless 1STPLACE held a Hachimaki booth at a nearby convention – but that’s changed! A bunch of IA merchandise is now available on Japanese store CD Japan, which ships worldwide. Available items include Comiket items, keyrings, towels, a necklace, badges, clear files, posters, shirts, CDs and more! Check out the items here!

For fans in the UK, 1STPLACE will be returning to London this July for Hyper Japan, where they’ll be holding a concert screening! A Hachimaki booth will also be open across the event, similarly to last November.


1STPLACE have also created a questionnaire regarding live IA concerts, music, an English IA voicebank and events! If you’re a fan and want to provide them with some feedback (as well as receive a gift at the end), it’s worth taking the time to do!

Eyeris (Creep-P) First Album ‘TV’ Crossfade

The crossfade for Eyeris (Creep-P)’s upcoming TV album has been revealed! For those who haven’t heard, Eyeris (formerly Krypt Creeper/Creep-P) is a popular Western Vocaloid producer who has collaborated with many others (including CircusP, GHOST and giraffeyyyy), and has written a number of songs in varying styles. His music often retains a creepy and slightly chaotic tone to them, which is very clearly reflected in his first album TV! Check out the crossfade below!

You can preorder the Deluxe Edition here, or the Standard Edition here.

Hatsune Miku VR: Future Live

Many people know about E3, where all of the latest and biggest videogame titles are unveiled. It wouldn’t be E3 for Vocaloid fans without at least a little Miku news, though! And indeed, a small spin-off game exclusive to the Playstation VR has been announced, in which you will fill the shoes of a fan at a Miku concert. It’ll be up to you to get the crowd excited, filling up a voltage meter – and potentially joining Miku onstage! This title will launch in Japan on October 16th 2016, via the Playstation Store. Screenshots from the official Miku Sega blog.

On a related note, a new trailer for Project DIVA X’s English release was revealed!

EmpathP Vocamerica Livestream

To answer some questions and reveal more information, EmpathP recently held a livestream about her upcoming Vocamerica concerts! (art by EmpathP)


In case you’ve not heard yet, Vocamerica is an upcoming project between EmpathP and some talented friends, to bring brand new Vocaloid concerts to fans across the USA. The concert will be made up of entirely new models (by Yoistyle), choreography and motions, and will feature a number of producers. Merchandise is of course on the way too!

Up till now, most of EmpathP’s updates have been done via the Vocaloid Amino app (worth checking out if you haven’t already! My username is cakey39), so it was great to see a comprehensive livestream that addressed a lot of questions people had. Below are some brief points recapping the important parts!

  • The revealed performers are:
    – Dex
    – Daina
    – Maika
    – Aiko Kikyuune
    – Namida
    – Ruby
  • The Kickstarter (with a minimum goal of $5,000) will launch June 28th, and will last for 35 days. Some tiers were revealed in the livestream, too!
    – Gold Tier, $80 – Concert DVD and any physicial merchandise in lower tiers
    – Platinum Tier, $100 – Concert MMD Models, and physical/digital rewards
    – Special Tier, $1,000 – The chance for one person to have their own UTAU featured in upcoming shows, who will open the performance! EmpathP made it doesn’t matter what language the UTAU is, other than it has to be of a certain quality that meets her needs. Before donating the $1,000, you must contact EmpathP via email (once the Kickstarter is up, not before) and wait for approval.  The UTAU must also be your own (donating $1,000 and asking for Namine Ritsu is not the point, EmpathP noted), and should have some good demonstrations. So, if this a tier that is of interest to you, be sure to get that email and demos ready to send off!
  • There will be Kickstarter exclusive merchandise
  • EmpathP will be able to ship physicial merchandise (aside from the DVD of course) 2 weeks before the concert, so that fans can go to the event wearing the shirts, using the keyrings etc
  • The first concert may be at Nekocon in Hampton (Virginia), though this is not fully decided
  • Stretch goals for the Kickstarter will include additional Vocaloids (Avanna, Oliver, YOHIOloid, and SONiKA), glowsticks, and better projection equipment

Previews of Yoistyle’s Dex model were revealed recently, too!

Vocamerica is a fantastic project worth supporting, and will be a great way to unite fans across America. It’ll bring recognition to a number of English Vocaloid voicebanks, as well as Western producers, and seems like it will be professionally put together. I look forward to the Kickstarter launch!

Charmingsushi x Goodsmile

We had some exciting news from UK online store Charmingsushi recently – they are now official partners with Good Smile! They also have the upcoming Racing Miku 2016 nendoroid up for pre-order, which comes with the sponsorship bonuses! For fans in the UK, this is a fantastic new source of GSC products to add to the growing list. Charmingsushi often attend events in the UK, selling a range of legitimate products and holding Ichiban Kuji events, so this partnership is very exciting!


Now for some album and song recommendations! Shout out to Tiên Chu and Mizu Ito for always helping me find new producers and keep on top of new releases!

Kimagure Mercy – Hachiouji ft. Miku

Stay With Me – PLAMA ft. Kagamine Rin, Yuzuki Yukari

Ella Jane – Omnichordist ft. GUMI, Kaito

N∆UTILUS is back under the new name ‘Omnichordist’ with a brand new album in tow! The album, called Ella Jane, is comprised of 4 Chipspeech and Vocaloid original songs. Two tracks have been made available with a PV on YouTube, and the album is available via both Bandcamp ($2.99) and Soundcloud (free). Check out ‘Ella Jane’ on YouTube below!


Forever 16 (crossfade) – Metragoon ft. Miku


intersect – JVウタウ ft. Fukase

La Luz Del Sonido – AJ/Music ft. Miku

Ikiteru Dake de Maru Sankaku Shikaku – Daniwell ft. Miku, Momo Momone

Gastronomic Love – MJQ and ShinRa ft. Miku


Eloiyen – Lystrialle ft. Meiko


Rest of Eternity – Mizudori Dreamer ft. Dex

ROCKET – JVウタウ ft. Noelle

ReCabled – Nahual ft. Miku

The Looking Glass – Hidaomari ft. Mew

Cry for the Moon – 文目 Ayame ft. Luka

Parmis Les Étoiles – Dafuq/Afuu ft. ALYS

My Evil Ways – Michael Pin ft. Meiko

あの日のキミに届けたいラブソング – Ando Ken ft. Miku

The Cherry Blossom and the Snow – DaughterOfWhite ft. Iroha

That about does it for this post! Thank you for reading!

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