ALYS/Voxwave in London, July 16th and 17th

Today, Voxwave had some very exiting news for fans in the UK!


Image credit: Illustrator Saphirya and Voxwave.

Voxwave has announced that they will be bringing their French (and Japanese) Alter/Ego voicebank, ALYS, to Hyper Japan in London this July! She’ll be performing ‘live’ onstage on Saturday (Morning) and Sunday, showing off a variety of songs from the ‘Eveil’ compilation album. The guitarist Lightning will also be there to perform on Saturday (Afternoon) and Sunday, as well as performing alongside ALYS herself! Not only that, but a brand new song will be revealed!

So, who is ALYS?

ALYS™ is the first Franco-Japanese virtual singer. It has been developed by VoxWave. She is a 21 years old young lady with dark blue hair, 165cm tall and her weight is 54kg.

Her voice is optimized to sing in French as in Japanese. Her voice provider is Poucet.
Her name was chosen for her pleasant and sweet consonances, but also for its easy pronunciation in foreign languages, more particularly in French, in Japanese and in English. Of course, her name also reminds of a certain literary culture. However, the musical universe we intend to create around ALYS is much wider.

ALYS went through a number of difficulties whilst being developed, but was eventually released via Plogue’s ‘Alter/Ego’ software on March 10th 2016. You can purchase her, among other ALYS goodies, here!

Not listened to ALYS before? Marche Au Pas by Alexandre Mey and Lightning is a beautiful song. Check it out on Voxwave’s channel below!

Eveil was the first compilation album featuring ALYS, where a variety of producers showed off her capabilities! It can be purchased here.

Popular producer Eyeris/Creep-P also released a song titled ‘SHARDS’, which was a track available in the Eveil album.

A recording of ALYS ‘live’ onstage, by Youtuber ‘Vocal Otaku’.

A brand new ALYS album, ‘Espoir’, is also scheduled for a June 15th preorder date! it will feature a number of producers, including the song ‘Horizons‘ by DariaP.


In related news, 1STPLACE also recently announced they will be returning to Hyper Japan again this year to sell a number of IA goods, following their live concerts last November. If you’re a fan of Vocaloid and ALYS, this is certainly an event not to miss! We’ll be attending on the Saturday, so feel free to say hi if you spot us!

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