VOCALOID Songs in English

I stumbled across an interesting topic on the Vocaloid Reddit recently, where a new Vocaloid fan was asking for English song recommendations.

In all honesty, I feel that English Vocaloid songs and producers can sometimes be very underrated! There are some absolutely fantastic hidden gems out there, each featuring the Vocaloid (UTAU, Chipspeech or ALTER/EGO) software in their own way. So, I thought I’d gather together a few of the most notable examples, plus a few of my personal favourites! (all links are official) Sadly it’s of course not a comprehensive list, but hopefully it should at least help to introduce you to one or two new producers!

ECHO – CrusherP ft. GUMI

Generally regarded as one of the most successful Vocaloid songs in English, ECHO has had attracted many fans due to its catchy beat and well-written lyrics. It has been featured in multiple albums and a Nico Nico Cho Party concert, as well as spawning its own Japanese novel! It has reached the Hall of Legend on Nico Nico Douga (over 1 million views), and currently has over 6 million views on YouTube.

Glass Wall – GuitarHeroPianoZero ft. Miku

Karma – CircusP and Eyeris (Creep-P) ft. Rin

White Tale – Scythe of Luna ft. Miku

Repeat II – CircusP ft. SONiKA

This_feeling_is_a_cliche… – ODDEEO ft. GUMI

Housewife Radio – GHOST (Marz Mitzi) ft. GUMI

One by One – AdyS ft. SONiKA

Magical Girls – GHOST DATA ft. AVANNA

Silver Sea – Shiro ft. Miku

Free – Dysergy ft. Luka

This Time, I’m Leaving – Mint00 ft. AVANNA

Starlight Keeper – momocashew ft. Oliver

Toxoplasmosis – SPiDER ft. GUMI

Cymatics – TechniKen ft. CYBER DIVA

Breathe Again – TechniKen ft. YOHIOloid

Kaleidoscope Haze – Project OverDoze ft. CYBER DIVA

Ten Thousand – Project OverDoze ft. Dex

Define Me – nostraightanswer (Kenji-B) ft. MAIKA

When the low heavy sky – Drak-pa ft. GUMI

Ten Thousand Stars – CircusP ft. Miku


Ricochet – MJQ and ShinRa ft. Luka

Heart’s Lock –  BlancoYMexa ft. AVANNA

Face Less – GHOST ft. YOHIOloid

Miracle is Dead – Sweet Revenge ft. Luka

ATHENA – CircusP and CrusherP (CIRCRUSH) ft. CYBER DIVA

One Thousand Paper Snowflakes – MJQ and EmpathP ft. Miku

Melody (English ver.) – MJQ and Eri (VerseQuence) ft. Miku

Just a Moment – Oreh ft. Miku

Again and Again – giraffeyyyy ft. Daina

A World Without You – AJ/Music ft. Miku

LOVE – Eyeris (Creep-P) ft. CYBER DIVA

Wanderlust – Emerii ft. Miku

Escape Cityscape – DystoP ft. SONiKA

Interdimensional – supercircuit ft. AVANNA

+Breath – VocaPeach ft. AVANNA

Summary – Seo-P ft. Miku

My Impulse – nostraightanswer (Kenji-B) ft. Dex

Relapse – Expus ft. CYBER DIVA

Waiting for You – apol ft. Luka

NeapolitaN – apol and EmpathP ft. YOHIOloid

Poe – EmpathP ft. Big-Al and SONiKA

LEGENDS♥TALES – Marvyanaka ft. YOHIOloid

Endless – KusaFox ft. SONiKA

Tornado (English ver.) NeutrinoP and TempoP (Vocalekt Visions) ft. Luka

And that about does it! I’ve missed out tons of great music, but hopefully with this list you’ll have been able to discover one or two new producers to check out! Of course, please feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like help finding more producers/songs – we love to chat about all things Vocaloid!

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