VocaEuro X Vocallective Records

Hello everyone, we have some very exciting news today!

I’m very pleased to announce that VocaEuro has partnered up with Vocaloid record label Vocallective Records! I was kindly invited by founder and music producer Azureflux to help with admin duties, as well as aid with promoting new releases/merchandise – which essentially results in the partnership of our sites. Many Vocaloid fans, or people who follow our blog, will likely be familiar with Vocallective Records and the fantastic work they do within the fanbase – but if not, allow me to introduce them!

So, who are Vocallective Records?

A lot of the time, I hear people struggling to find new producers or albums to listen to – or rather, where to look. Whether you’re looking for overseas producers or Japanese ones, the world of Vocaloid can be incredibly daunting to any fan! We do have great websites such as VocaDB, and the ever-growing Vocaloid Reddit – but sometimes you just want to click onto an album, listen to some tracks, and then buy it, right? iTunes and similar sites are handy but can be difficult for Vocaloid music– with albums labeled differently (some naming the Vocaloid as the artist, some as the producer), unless you’re looking for a specific album it can be tough.

One of the best sources for Vocaloid music is the English record label Vocallective Records!

Logo Vocallective

“Vocallective is a record label focused on the Vocaloid and Utau software (as well as other vocal synths), founded on August 20, 2013. ” 

In a nutshell, Vocallective work with a variety of Vocaloid/UTAU producers to share and promote their work, as well as sell them via a variety of websites – Bandcamp in particular. They’ve worked with many names you’ll likely recognise, including EmpathP, Steampianist, nostraightanswer and neutrinoP, as well as some new and lesser-known producers. Vocallective do a brilliant job sharing work from these talented musicians, and put all their albums in easy-to-access locations. Vocallective was founded by music producer Azureflux, and over the years, has gained many members and fans! They’re certainly one of the most well-established voices in the Western Vocaloid community. Essentially, they put many different Vocaloid albums under one united name, making it far easier to explore and discover new music.

Vocallective Store ScreenshotVocallective have a massive library from a variety of producers, who come from all across the globe! The albums come in many different genres and languages – no matter what music you’re into, you’re bound to find something right up your street. Not only that, but due to their main store being on Bandcamp, it’s also very easy to navigate and organise your purchases! You can even purchase physical CDs and vinyls for specific albums!

Vocallective also make their albums available through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play, allowing you to purchase music in a way that suits you. Some songs are even available to listen to for free on their YouTube channel – a great way to give a new producer a try before buying an album!

So going back to the partnership – what does this mean?

Not much will change in reality – we already feature Vocallective a fair amount, so I can only imagine that we’ll be featuring new releases more frequently, and we may begin reviewing albums more in-depth. As noted earlier, I’ll be helping to admin Vocallective, which is pretty exciting! It’ll be under the same name ‘cakey’, so don’t be afraid to say hi if you see me posting via Vocallective sometime! But don’t worry, VocaEuro will still be active as ever. A little VocaEuro banner can be found at the bottom of Vocallective’s website!

VocaEuro Banner

My email for Vocallective Records is katy@vocallective.net, so if you can’t get in touch with Azureflux I’ll be here to help out too.

I look forward to working with Vocallective, and aiding them with the fantastic work they do! If you have any questions or feedback about this news, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Azureflux.

Oh, and another great announcement – we’ve hit 500 likes on our Facebook page! This is a brilliant milestone for us, and we couldn’t be more thankful to the people supporting us. To celebrate this achievement, we’ll be holding a merchandise giveaway soon, with details being announced on Thursday!

Thank you for reading! Please consider paying our other sites a visit for regular Vocaloid updates, music, news and more.

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