Still Be Here – European Hatsune Miku project


A very exciting project based in Europe is currently underway titled ‘Still Be Here’, set to premier 5th and 6th February next year in Germany.

So far, we can see that it will be an installation and performance, demonstrating how fans use Miku as a vessel. The project will explore Hatsune Miku’s identity, as well as fan-created works from across the globe.

It’s set to premier at CTM Festival in Berlin on 5th and 6th February, before making its way to Austria and the UK later that year.

This project is a collaboration between a number of people, including:

Idea/concept: Mari Matsutoya
Music: Laurel Halo
Choreography/Visual Art: Darren Johnston
Visual Art: LaTurbo Avedon
Digital Art/Producer: Martin Sulzer

“This project presents a unique arrival of aesthetics between the participating artists, in their search for the identity of Hatsune Miku. The performance / installation employs a collage methodology with user-generated lyrics, referencing many other contributors and countless online authors and creative commons users, whose works will be further interpreted and given new meaning.”


So, it sounds like this project will be a very interesting installation! I look forward to hearing more news about it, and I wish the project members luck.

You can read more about it in the original article here, as well as find relevant external links to venues, tickets, etc.



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