Recommended Listening

There seems to have been a flood of great Vocaloid tracks recently! This, of course, is partly due to the Miku Expo contest ending, but we’ve also had some great random tracks uploaded too! Below are some new songs from a variety of producers that you’re sure to love.

Illusion – GuitarHeroPianoZero, Kenesu-kun, Starleeter

World Trippin’ – car.ess/hightrancesea

Soul Soothe – Oreh (remix of an older song)


Night Vision – Ginsuke

City Girl – heart★breaker, MattplusBC

Loop Memory (Remake) – Yunosuke (remake of an older song)

Circus Monster (Steam Arr.) – Steampianist (remix and cover of Circus-P’s song)

Tell Your World (Osanzi Remix) – Osanzi (remix of KZ’s song)

Countess Mikula – Michael Pin

Strangers – Samuel Wright/Blackbird

Screaming Man B – Nashimoto

WAVE – niki x EZFG (remix of niki’s original, covered by Reol)

B Who I Want 2 B – Namie Amuro x Hatsune Miku (MitchieM)

And of course, whilst the song itself isn’t new, we highly recommend checking out the new music video for the popular collaboration between Namie Amuro and Hatsune Miku!

Never Ending Love – BIGHEAD

Whilst the song Never Ending Love was released on Miku’s birthday, a PV was uploaded recently! Created by popular animator Thanks, this PV is too cute to not watch!

Hopefully those are some new tracks for you to enjoy! And as always, thank you for reading! Please consider paying our other sites a visit for regular Vocaloid updates, music, news and more!

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