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Time to feature a bunch of great recent tracks again! Please support the producer however you can, whether it’s sharing their song or giving them a nice comment.

Holding On – Apple-P

After their inactivity for some time, it was a huge and pleasant surprise to see something in my YouTube feed from Apple-P (VocaApple)! This brand new song, whilst short, contains some beautiful lyrics, and a stunning melody. Overall, this is a wonderful track that no Vocaloid fan should pass by! I added it myself to VocaDB here.

Cookin’ Up – Holy Osa

Be warned, contains explicit lyrics! It’s really cool when producers feature Vocaloids in slightly more unusual genres, and this one is a pretty awesome example. Despite being uploaded in August, I sadly only just came across this song! If you’re looking for a song with a great beat and well-tuned rap vocals, this song is for you. Read about it on VocaDB here.

パラダイスへのご招待 – Vocalekt Visions

With cute vocals and a cheerful vibe, the latest song from Neutrino and Tempo is worth a listen! You can also find a version with lyrics here.

Libido – AiwanaP and すっちゃん

As the name suggests, this song has quite a mature vibe to it. The alluring illustration and beautiful vocals make this a song worth checking out! You can listen to it on Aiwana’s channel above, or check it out on VocaDB here.

Niji – OfJapan

This song comes from a favourite producer of mine, called OfJapan. Titled ‘Niji‘, this song thanks fans for the support and 300 followers! OfJapan writes some brilliant electronic music (and even entered the Miku Expo contest), and is well worth checking out!

Our Missing Love – CYO Style and Yen-Mi

You may have already heard this song! ‘Our Missing Love’ is CYO Style’s entry for the Miku Expo contest, and, as you may have guessed if you keep track of our Facebook page, I’m a pretty huge CYO Style fan. It has a wonderful beat and clear english vocals, that’ll have you tapping your foot! I added it to VocaDB here.

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