Spooktacular Vocaloid Songs!


It’s Halloween tomorrow, and you know what that means! To celebrate the day, I’ve collected together some spooky and Halloween-themed Vocaloid tracks for you to enjoy, or share with your friends! We all love to show people the creepy side of Vocaloid, and these songs are bound to be perfect! I’ve picked out some classic creepy Vocaloid tracks that many fans will recognise, as well as some hidden gems or newer tracks. Enjoy, muahahaha!

All songs are on official YouTube channels, unless stated otherwise – where possible, please be sure to support the producer’s official upload! You can click on each producer’s name to view their VocaDB entry.

Bacterial Contamination – Mathru ft. Hatsune Miku

Let’s kick things off with a video many fans will recognise – Bacterial Contamination is a song by Mathru, popular due to its dark and impressive lyrics. However, one could argue that it’s actually the PV that has propelled the song to fame. The music video is designed and animated by Deino, who is famous for his original robotic character Calcium, and her Miku-themed counterpart ‘Calne Ca’. The stunning (and pretty creepy) music video accompanies a great creepy track, perfect for Halloween!
Warning – this song does actually contain some themes and images that viewers may find distressing, so caution is advised when viewing.

ZOMBIE MAKER – ATOLS ft. Hatsune Miku

ZOMBIE MAKER is reminiscent of a rap song, yet it has quite haunting vocals and an insanely catchy beat. You’ll find yourself listening to this track numerous times! The somewhat adorable yet creepy and confusing PV compliments the song very well, making this a perfect zombie-themed song to listen to!

Hide and Seek – apolP ft. GUMI

This brand new track from apol has a pretty creepy vibe to it! The sweetly-tuned vocals really work with the feeling of the song, and it’s well worth checking out.


This fairly recent song from WONDERFUL★OPPORTUNITY! has a really fun melody, and a bright PV with stunning illustrations. Whilst the song itself is about zombies, it’s pretty cheerful! You may have even heard this song for the first time today due to a certain demo being released

Your Heart And I Becoming One – Masa ft. Hatsune Miku and GUMI

Masa is a producer known for his horror-themed music. Most of his songs sound quite traditional, whilst the PVs feature vivid and violent illustrations, depicting various disturbing scenarios. This song, whilst not as violent, is probably one of my favourite tracks! It has a very bouncy beat, with some quite haunting vocals. If you enjoy this, I’d highly recommend checking out his other works on his official YouTube channel above!

Circus Monster – CircusP ft. Megurine Luka

Now, this is something of a classic! Western producer CircusP has really gained a big fanbase over the years, due to his American-influenced style and great vocal tuning. However, an older song by the name of Circus Monster is likely one of his most famous tracks! It tells the story of a monster enslaved by a circus, bound to perform – the overall sound of the song is a perfect song to listen to on Halloween!

La Llorona – Steampianist ft. Maika, Oliver and GUMI

No Vocaloid fans should pass up the opportunity to listen to this phenomenal track! Based on the story of La Llorona, this song explores a pretty grim scenario. The song itself has a wonderful beat to it, and the PV certainly reflects the dark tone.
Warning: One instance of strong language.

Dysmorphiac – Steampianist ft. GUMI

Another track from Steampianist! This time, a song more reminiscent of rock, with pretty creepy lyrics. You just wait – the chorus of this song will really hook you!

Dark Woods Circus – Machigerita ft. Hatsune Miku, Rin and Len (Reprint)

Most fans are likely very familiar with this story! It tells the tale of disfigured circus performers, and their depressing lives. It’s part of a song series by Machigerita, which you can read about here. Machigerita has written a number of creepy and Halloween-themed works, which I highly recommend checking out!
This is a reprint – please consider listening to the original Nico upload here.

Coffin of Sweet Death – Machigerita ft. Hatsune Miku

Of course, we couldn’t avoid featuring another track from Machigerita! This is another notable popular song, which can be listened to on his official YouTube channel above.

Love – Krypt Creeper ft. Cyber Diva

Whilst not essentially ‘creepy’, this song has a pretty disturbing atmosphere, telling the story of a girl who seems…pretty angry. This is actually an English self-cover from Krypt, seeing as the original version was actually in Japanese. Both versions of this song are brilliant, however I felt that the English lyrics really get across the tone of the song!
Warning: Contains some explicit lyrics.

Chiri chiri juso – Kikuo ft. IA 

Kikuo is another producer known for pretty creepy songs. This song in particular is one of my personal favourites, due to the almost music-box styled tune in the background, combined with an unusual beat. The PV is quite hypnotic too, and overall it just creates a strange atmosphere.

Shinigami Folklore – CasteP ft. Yuzuki Yukari and Hakaine Maiko

This rock song by CasteP is a really cool track worth listening to, but the beautifully animated PV is what really makes this a masterpiece. The animation is spot-on, with artwork reminiscent of the anime Panty and Stocking.

Nights of Fall – Marvyanaka ft. YOHIOloid

This great track is inspired by Marvyanaka’s fan comic, based upon popular indie game Five Nights at Freddy’s. The creepy vocals and great beat make this a perfect song to celebrate Halloween!

And there we have it! It’s by no means a comprehensive list, seeing as we neglected classics such as Trick and Treat, and Gothic and Loneliness. However, we hope we’ve been able to list a number of great creepy and Halloween-themed tracks for you to enjoy!

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