Miku returns to London!

Yes, you heard me! Miku is returning to London this November (27th – 29th) for 3 days, at the Hyper Japan convention. The concert is brought to you by D.P.H, a group of VOCALOID enthusiasts, who have held their own fanmade concerts ‘Mirai no Neiro’ across the world (as well as panels). Last year, they put on a wonderful show, attracting many people, ranging from hardcore fans to people who had never even heard of VOCALOID.

Sadly, back when I attended the concert, I hadn’t started up VocaEuro, so this ‘review’ is pretty overdue. But for those of you that have never attended a Mirai no Neiro concert, be sure to keep reading!

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We were first greeted by Masaki, introducing everyone to the concept of VOCALOID, and explaining who D.P.H are. Then, YYB Miku and Taco Luka appeared onstage, with Miku saying “Hello London! Hello everyone! Welcome to Hyper Japan! I hope you enjoy my performance!”
A transition occurred, marking the start of the performance.

Songs and producers included in the performance were Electro Train (nana), Paradise Cage (Doriko), Mr Wonderboy (dezzy), 1/6 -out of the gravity- (Noa), Freely Tomorrow (Mitchie M), Packaged and Tell Your World (KZ/Livetune), Sadistic Love (Junky), and La Bamba at the end. I’m certain there was at least one more song, however my memory fails me. Models used included LAT Miku and Rin (plus edited versions), TDA Miku Append (plus edited versions), Taco Luka, and a few more. Lots of effects were used to add some excitement, especially during Noa’s ‘1/6’ performance. In one of the photos above you can see me and Masaki Yoshiaki, the head of D.P.H. I congratulated him on a great performance, and thanked him for coming to the UK. He recognised my Magical Mirai 2014 shirt and bag, so we ended up having a little chat!

After the performance, I bought every piece of merchandise D.P.H had to offer, to support them. This included numerous posters, keyrings, postcards etc. They even had some Graphig figures on sale!
Please also note that the projections themselves were bright and full of colour, it’s just my phone’s camera made it look quite blue. But trust me, the projections themselves looked great.

If last year’s performance is anything to go by, this November’s concert is sure to be a treat. Although you naturally need to pay to visit Hyper Japan (which is an excellent convention, by the way), the concert itself is free to attend! It will be held each of the 3 days on the LIVE.JAPAN stage, so whatever day you decide to visit Hyper Japan, you’ll be able to see your favourite virtual diva live!

Are you planning to attend this concert? Sasruska and myself will likely be dropping by on the Saturday, so please be sure to say hi if you spot us!

You can visit D.P.H’s website here, as well as their Twitter here



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