Two Vocaloid concerts in the UK

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In November, two different Vocaloid concerts will be ­making their way to London! That’s right – two! If you’ve dreamt of seeing your favourite virtual divas perform live onstage, this is your best chance! They will be held at the Hyper Japan event, and are therefore ‘free’ essentially, if you have purchased a ticket for the convention.

Not sure who Miku is, or what Vocaloid is? Check out my introduction to the world of Vocaloid!

Hyper Japan is a popular Japanese convention in the UK, London. It’s held twice a year, in July and in November. Within this convention, there are many companies who run stalls selling merchandise, gaming companies showing off new demos, and popular Japanese performers taking to the stage. This year, there were two concerts on the website that caught my eye!

Mirai no Neiro

This concert is brought to you by D.P.H, a group of VOCALOID enthusiasts, who hold their own fanmade concerts ‘Mirai no Neiro’ across the world (as well as panels). So yes, whilst this is a fanmade concert, the love and effort that goes into it is astonishing! Mirai no Neiro was also held last November too, and of course, I couldn’t help but attend. Due to it being fanmade, Mirai no Neiro encompasses a big variety of Vocaloid producers and songs, so there’s something for everyone! It’s well worth coming along and giving D.P.H your support. You can read more about them in my previous post here, and the official announcement here!



Whilst there hasn’t been much in the way of an announcement from 1STPLACE, this is IAan official IA concert! It’s been held in America (and more recently Japan), and is finally making its way to the UK. This is certainly not one to miss, because official Vocaloid concerts are very rarely held in the UK (the only one coming to mind being AHS’ performance at Hyper Japan last July, which I also attended). This will likely be a very energetic concert! You can visit the official announcement here. Below, you can watch an official video showing off highlights from the latest concert in Japan!

Aside from those two exciting performances, don’t forget that going to a convention will give you the opportunity to buy merchandise! Companies such as Estatic Arts (a great and trustworthy figure stall) attend, giving you the chance to stock up on some Vocaloid goodies. Who knows, if we’re lucky, 1STPLACE might even sell some merch!

In terms of the schedule, times have not yet been stated, but Hyper Japan confirmed to me that they will be added at a later date before the event. However, we do know what days these two concerts are being held!

Mirai no Neiro

Saturday Morning Session:
Mirai no Neiro

Saturday Afternoon Session:

Mirai no Neiro

You can view the full performer schedule here.

If you’re planning to visit on the Saturday, you will need to purchase a ‘dual’ ticket to attend both of the concerts. This is because the Saturday of Hyper Japan is split into two halves, and as you can see, the concerts are at different times of the day. If you need any help with this, don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you are attending Hyper Japan on the Saturday and will be cosplaying anything relating to Vocaloid, we’d love to get a photo! With permission, these will be uploaded to our website and Facebook page, where we’ll happily link to your cosplay website/page, should you have one.

In short, if you’re a Vocaloid fan and are able to get to London this November, I highly recommend paying Hyper Japan a visit! The VocaEuro admins will be there all day on the Saturday, so please don’t hesitate to pop over and say hi!

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