News Roundup, August 28th

Here’s another news roundup coming your way! Read below for the latest Vocaloid-related news.

REMmaple’s Megurine Luka V4X model

Popular MMD modeller REMmaple has at long last released their Megurine Luka V4X model! iXima’s stunning boxart for Luka V4X has been wonderfully translated into a full 3D model, and she’s gorgeous. You can download her here!

AHS at AniNite photos revealed

Some photos from AHS‘ official performance at AniNite have surfaced online! This is the first official AHS concert in Europe, asides from the short Yukari and Chihiro concert in London that I attended last year (photos here and here). Whilst I couldn’t attend this time round, it seems like it was a great performance, we can only hope AHS continue to bring more concerts to fans across the world! More photos can be found here and here.

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Marz Mitzi reuploads ‘Housewife Radio’

This popular song by Marz Mitzi (originally Ghostie) has been reuploaded at long last! Fans can now enjoy it on Marz’s channel below.

The countdown has begun!

The countdown for the next SEGA ft. Hatsune Miku Project has begun! It’s scheduled to end on Miku’s birthday, the 31st August, so be sure to stay tuned for a big announcement! VocaEuro will be sure to keep you updated on the news. You can visit the countdown here!

Plogue announce free version of Daisy

Not strictly Vocaloid related, but it’s still worth mentioning! Plogue, creators of the popular software Chipspeech, have announced that a similar free program named ‘Alter/Ego’ will be released next week! Not only that, but along with it comes Daisy, voiced by popular producer Crusher-P!  You can read the announcement here.

This will certainly be an interesting bit of news for aspiring producers, seeing as this will give people a great opportunity to use a free, high quality voice. Plogue have also put together a playlist on Soundcloud, showing off Daisy’s voice and her potential (with tracks by Crusher, Giraffey, and Pianobench).

Debut album from m^tch

New producer m^tch has uploaded their first album! It features 7 tracks, and can be listened to on YouTube below, as well as downloaded for free via Bandcamp. It’s well worth a listen!

Major news for Magical Mirai 2015

At this year’s Magical Mirai, there will be a few exciting announcements for Vocaloid fans! These are:

  • The Hatsune Miku Project VR Tech DEMO
  • New Magical Mirai figure to be showcased

And most importantly…

  • A demo for the new Project DIVA game

Of course, we currently know no information about the upcoming game (the countdown was mentioned earlier in this post), however the first ever demo for the game will be available to play at this year’s Magical Mirai concert.

Unity-Chan and Miku Expo song contest

Our last 2 posts explored the news about Unity-Chan’s upcoming Vocaloid voicebank, as well as a Miku Expo song contest being held.

I apologise for the somewhat rushed roundup this week! There’s been a lot of interesting news, and I hope I’ve been able to update you a little. Be sure to follow us on other sites for a constant stream of news and updates! Tomorrow is also the last day to enter our giveaway – please visit our Facebook page to enter!

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