Unity-Chan to gain a voicebank!

It seems a collaboration between Yamaha and Unity Japan is in place!

Unity-chan (Kohaku Ootori), the original character (or ‘mascot’) for Unity, will be gaining a voicebank, which will be usable within the Unity software. This will allow for Vocaloid vocals to be seamlessly integrated with the software, which could be useful for a variety of reasons. It seems that Unity-chan will also be free to use, so long as certain conditions are met.

The original terms and conditions for Unity-chan can be found in English here.


Below, you can listen to ‘Candy Rock Star’, which features Unity-chan. Please note that the vocals are by her VP (voice provider), not the VB.

Not too many details are currently known about her VB, or how it will integrate with Unity, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted! You can visit the official website here.

This comment by Vocaloid Otaku user Venova gave a good opinion on the news:
“This is the Vocaloid runtime for the Unity game engine, this will allow game developers to embed Vocaloid synthesis into their games so speech and lyrics can be generated by the Vocaloid instead of having to record every voice line in a game. This would also allow for things like dynamic songs in a game that change their lyrics or singer without needing any audio tracks, it will just use the Vocaloid synthesis itself so it can be dynamic and changing without needing complex branching interactive music systems, which take a lot of work to produce content for.
Anyways I think this is great, the biggest thing here is we may see more Vocaloid games being developed because this makes some of that easier – additionally, for example, if a future Project Diva game switched to Unity from Sega’s existing engine, they could, using this Vocaloid for Unity tech, enable players to import their own VSQx files to put their songs into the game and have them performed by one of the game’s Vocaloids.”

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