Official SeeU genderbend unveiled!

An official genderbend based on SBS’ SeeU has been revealed! His name is ZeeU, and he is illustrated by KKUEM, who also illustrated SeeU. From the 보컬로이드 톡스 (Vocaloid Talks) page, we can see the concept art and ‘final’ art, as well as some information.

They were also kind enough to translate the post into english! Below is what they wrote, posted alongside the art.

시유의 “공식 남체화 캐릭터”를 드디어 공개합니다!
“Official male version of SeeU” is finally revealed!

한국 보컬로이드의 산 증인이자 시유의 어머니이신 ‘Ichigo(이찌고)’((주)SBS A&T 김효은 매니저)님께서 이 어마어마한 일러스트를 주셨습니다. (폭풍 감동! 엄지 척~!)
‘Ichigo’ (KIM HYO EUN, Business Planning Manager of SBS A&T Co.,Ltd.), “the only living proof of Korean Vocaloid” and “SeeU’s mother” at the same time, gave us these fantastic pictures. (Luv ya!)

이찌고 님의 말씀에 의하면, 시유 남체화 캐릭터의 이름은 ‘ZeeU(지유)’이고,
샤방샤방한 지유의 캐릭터 원화 역시 시유 캐릭터 원화를 그리신 ‘KKUEM(꾸엠)’님께서 직접 곱고 아름다운 손으로 그려 주셨다고 합니다. (꾸엠님 만세~!!!)
She said that his name is “ZeeU” and this attractive picture is painted by ‘KKUEM’ who is already well-known as the illustrator of “SeeU”. (Bravo, KKUEM~!!!)

왠지 지유의 목소리도 궁금해 지는데… 지유 라이브러리를 만드실 생각은 없는지 이찌고 님께 여쭤보고 싶네요~
Now I’m sooooooo curious about ZeeU’s voice… and wanna ask ‘Ichigo’ if she will produce his vocaloid library or not.

다음에 “기회가 된다면” 여러 가지 사건 사고로 마음 고생을 많이 하셨을 것 같은(“시유쨩 지못미…ㅠ-ㅠ”) 이찌고 님과, 늘 우리들의 안구를 정화시켜 주시는 꾸엠 님의 인터뷰도 올리도록 하겠습니다! ^-^
If I get a chance, I will interview Ichigo and KKUEM, and then share their comments with you. ^-^

So, it seems it’s currently unknown if he will gain a voicebank, at this moment he seems to be merely an official genderbend based on SeeU. I look forward to hearing more about him! Stay tuned with VocaEuro for more updates.

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