Recommended Listening

Ordinarily, I’d post some great new songs in something like a news roundup, or simply post them on Facebook. However, in the past couple of weeks, some absolutely incredible works of art have been uploaded that no Vocaloid fan should miss!

Aether – FROMAGE

This little-known producer is one that shouldn’t be ignored. Whilst they don’t have many songs currently, the songs they have uploaded are very impressive, and their latest song ‘Aether’ is no exception. It features Aoki Lapis on vocals, and has a wonderful electronic beat.

Kaleidoscope Haze – Project OverDoze

From the new team Project OverDoze, of which popular producer Steampianist is a part of, we have a brilliant english song featuring Cyber Diva. The catchy beat is bound to stick around in your head!

The Mortician’s Dance –N∆UTILUS

N∆UTILUS is a great, little-known producer who creates some wonderful english songs. Their latest song, featuring GUMI, is well worth a listen!

Dusk – Osanzi

Osanzi is a name that’s likely to ring a bell with many fans. His beautiful electronic songs are always something to get excited about, so when you see a new upload, you know it’s bound to be good!

deep sleep – Silver Chord Music

This slow, laid-back song featuring GUMI is bound to make you feel pretty calm and relaxed. The stunning illustration by Haneoka fits perfectly.

Free (Acoustic ver~) – Dysergy

You may have seen me post about Dysergy before! This hidden gem of an artist produces consistently great work, and his latest song is no exception. It’s an acoustic version of one of his original Luka rock songs – if you’re a fan of the original, this version is worth checking out.

Sharing The World (Japanese.ver) – BIGHEAD

This song is famous for making big waves in the Vocaloid fanbase! It was the theme song for MIKU EXPO in LA and NY, and thus, it was also the song to be performed on the David Letterman Show back in October last year. However, today, BIGHEAD has treated us to a Japanese version!

Shooting Star – 8#Prince

Here we have 8#Prince’s latest song, featuring Rin and Len! Titled ‘Shooting Star’, this song will be included in the upcoming album Desktop Cinderella.

Cancer – Inu Machine

This beautiful trance song from talented producer Inu Machine is 8 minutes of pure heaven.

ALEXANDRIA –  car.ess (hightrancesea)

From car.ess’ upcoming mini-album, set to be sold at Comiket 88, comes this great song featuring IA. The song, as well as the album crossfade, can be found below!

So Far Away – OkameP/Calvi

Okame is one of my favourite producers, and I’m always sure to share his most recent works! This breathtaking song is without doubt, worth a listen.


ZANIO uploaded his latest song, featuring Zunko. It will be released at Comiket 88!

Hopefully there’s some good listening material there! I simply felt these songs deserved an article of their own, and hopefully I’ve been able to highlight some great producers for you.



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