Robo – Singles Selection


Yesterday, a CD arrived that both myself and admin Sasruska had been very excited for! It’s the ‘Singles Selection’ from the rather obscure electronic producer Robo. If you’ve not heard of Robo before, I’m not surprised! His Nico Nico channel is somewhat hard to come across, however his Tumblr is quite frequently updated with his artwork. Sadly, the case arrived a bit damaged/cracked, but we’re working on finding a new case to replace it!

Both the artwork and music is by Robo himself, which is an incredibly impressive feat. The CD features 5 tracks, from both 2014 and 2015, and you can see the tracklist below.

  1. Secret Night
  2. Switch Me On
  3. Jump In
  4. The Sound of My Love
  5. The City

tumblr_npcbrwPRSx1ruqwvco3_1280I’d listened to some of Robo’s music before ordering this CD, so I knew it was bound to be pretty good. And I must say, it exceeded my expectations! The songs are very bubbly and pleasant to listen to, somewhat reminiscent of KZ(Livetune)‘s older works. In fact, Robo’s music personally really reminds me of the song ‘Finder‘ specifically – some tracks feel like they have a similar tone. Each song on this CD brings an instant smile to your face!

The CD can be ordered from Robo directly, and details (in English) on how to do this can be found in the description of the crossfade, which you can find here! Priced at roughly £8/€12/$13.50 plus shipping, this CD is an absolute bargain, and well worth purchasing if you’re a fan of electronic music. It even comes packaged with a booklet (containing lyrics and artwork), a sticker, and a small poster! It’s safe to say, you get a lot for your money. We also asked Robo if he would mind signing it, and very kindly, he did exactly that!

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Putting the wonderful music aside, the artwork is incredibly pleasing to the eye. The soft pastel colours certainly reflect the tone of the music, which is a nice touch. You can’t help but admire Robo’s unusual art style!

The high-quality versions of the artwork can be found on Robo’s tumblr, along with his other works. You can also find his older songs, as well as some included on the CD, on his NicoNico. Below, I’ve linked to various websites worth checking out!

Robo’s Tumblr
Robo’s Nico Nico


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