Guest Blog (Maru) – Jin/Shizen-no-teki-p

Today, we have quite a different post! This is a featured guest blog from the artist Maru (Tumblr and Twitter) about popular VOCALOID producer ‘Jin’. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Jin (also known as Shizen-no-teki-p [ 自然の敵P ] , engl. “Nature’s enemy”) was born in Hokkaido, on October 20th 1990. At the age of 6 he started learning how to pla552y the keyboard, inspired by his uncle who did so as well. He also learned how to play the guitar by himself. He used to live on a small island, without many chances to play other things, so he learned how to play the advertisement song by hearing. As he entered highschool he moved to a more populated area. During that time he founded a band, in which they would cover songs from artists such as “The Back Horn” and “Asian Kung-Fu Generation”.

He later on went to a music school and aspired to earn backstage/recording jobs but then got interested in writing music himself. Jin once participated in an exam for creating game music, but failed. When he moved to Tokyo and couldn’t compose any songs he felt hopeless. By that time he visited a friend who’s brother was creating songs using VOCALOID. He used all his earnings to buy the software, even though he felt like the voice sounded different from what it was supposed to sound like. (He later found out it was because the brother was using GUMI and he had bought Hatsune Miku..)

Jin is mostly known for his popular series, the Kagerou Project. He also had composed songs before the Project, but he feels that they are too embarassing to share (“Let’s stop talking about it, it was a black past..”). He first thought of the series in Middle School, where he wondered why there wasn’t a series of songs created. Back then he would write them down in memos, thinking like “This is the story of the first song, this the story of the second one..” and so on. The first song Jinzou Enemy ( 人造エネミー) was uploaded on 02.17.2011, while the last song of the project, Summertime Record (サマータイムレコード ), was uploaded on 09.02.2013. The series got so popular, that it was adapted into a (still ongoing) manga and novel series, as well as an anime adaption called Mekakucity Actors, in 2014. Thus, the Kagerou Project was also the first VOCALOID song series to be made into an anime. There has been an announcement that Jin is working on a new Project, but there haven’t been any updates on it since. Jin also made the demo song for the VOCALOID software IA ROCKS, Inner Arts , which was published on 05.22.2014. It is also the theme song for the PS Vita Game IA/VT – Colorful – .

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Many thanks for the blog, Maru! It was a great read, and I’m certain everyone here enjoyed it. If you have any questions about this article, please direct them to Maru, whose Twitter and Tumblr can be found at the top!

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