Happy Birthday Miku!

As many Vocaloid fans will know, today we celebrate Miku’s 8th birthday!

Miku’s birthday is always a grand day within the Vocaloid fandom – it’s the day when big announcements from Crypton and SEGA are made, producers upload their best works, and artists flood Pixiv with colourful illustrations. As such, this year is no exception!

Project DIVA X

Let’s begin with one of the main announcements, which occurred at midnight. If you were watching the SEGA countdown (and had changed your computer’s time to Japanese time), you will remember when a little button appeared. Clicking this led to a page with a trailer for, yes, you guessed it – the next Project DIVA installment!

This game, named Project DIVA X, is scheduled for release on PlayStation Vita in March, with a PlayStation 4 release sometime after (no word of an overseas release as of yet). The trailer started by showing all of the previous Project DIVA games (with これからもよろしく desu. by UtataP playing) , and then continued by showing off a segment of the upcoming game! Honeyworks’ Raspberry*Monster began playing, with Miku dancing energetically in a costume designed by Akiakane. It’s also been confirmed that Ryo will be producing the opening song, and a list of producers and artists were also teased. Watch the trailer below!

Hatsune Miku
V4Xβ demonstration

The official Hatsune Miku channel have uploaded a demonstration of MikuV4Xβ, showing off her soft, normal and power voicebanks! It covers tilt-six‘s popular song ‘electro saturator‘, and she’s scheduled for release in the first half of 2016. Check it out on the official channel below! An acapella version is also provided, which can be downloaded in the description, along with iXima’s art seen in the video!

Naturally, Crypton are aiming to make Miku’s voice much clearer and smoother, as well as the ability to use cross-synthesis, E.V.E.C, and growl. The MikuV4Xβ will be made available to people who currently own both Miku V3 and Luka V4X.

And with those exciting announcements, it’s time to move onto music!

8#Prince – Desktop Cinderella

八王子P has uploaded a new music video, titled ‘Desktop Cinderella’, which will be featured in his upcoming album of the same name! The adorable PV is directed by the popular animator Wakamura. There are two versions of the album, which can be preordered – a CD+DVD version, and a CD.


Popular producer BIGHEAD has treated us to a new song! You may know BIGHEAD from songs such as Sharing The World (the MIKU EXPO NY/LA theme), and Gallop Through The World.

car.ess – Abbe -prototype mix-

The very talented producer car.ess has uploaded a new song! It’s a great electronic track well worth listening to.

LamazeP – Po Pi Po (V3Edition)

LamazeP, famous for many Miku songs (which are often adorable), has uploaded a V3 cover of his Vocaloid phenomenon, Po Pi Po. This song is known by fans across the world, and has been performed countless times at live concerts. This V3 cover really clears up the dated vocals, bringing his classic song back to old and new fans alike!

DECO*27 – 8/31

Many fans will jump at the name DECO*27. His songs are consistently wonderful, and his latest song is no exception. 3 years ago, we were treated to a collaboration song by the name of 39. This year, we’re treated to a much slower song, with a focus on softly tuned vocals. With 40mP on piano, this song is sure to bring a tear to any Vocaloid fan’s eyes!

AVTechNO! – sister/sister

Whilst this was posted a few hours before Miku’s birthday, it’s still absolutely worth a feature. AVTechNO! have uploaded a great new song, which has some beautiful vocals and instrumentals.

And with that, we come to the end of our post! Regrettably, it’s impossible to post every song uploaded in celebration of Miku’s birthday, but we hope we’ve been at least able to put together the highlights for you! We’ll be, as always, keeping our eyes peeled for great new content, so please consider following our Facebook and Twitter accounts, which we constantly update!

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To me, Miku is the world’s largest blank canvas. She can be your idol, friend, or inspiration. Crypton, Saki and KEI are truly wonderful for bringing such a huge source of creativity to the world, and it’s incredible to see how she’s grown over the years. She is essentially the world’s largest collaborative project, and the most famous virtual vocalist. Miku has changed the face of indie music forever, which is a huge milestone in the industry. People have found fame and gained fans through her voice and face, which I think is phenomenal. As always, I will continue to support the VOCALOID software and my favourite producers with all of my heart!

So with that, Happy 8th Birthday, Miku!