VOCALOID ‘Annual Fan Lyrics Song Event’

Held by Michael Pin, there is a Vocaloid lyrics-related event open! Here, you have the opportunity to submit your very own lyrics, and possibly have him create an original song with them. A quick summary of the details can be found below!

11036957_995174110514446_2670723777261418717_nSubmission deadline: November 30th
Song release date: December 31st (tentative)
Distribution: Soundcloud and YouTube
Language choice: English or German
Vocal choice: Hatsune Miku or MEIKO

When writing the lyrics, if you have a specific melody in mind, Pin encourages you to also send him the notes, which will allow for the lyrics to fit the song a little better. But if not, it’s not a problem! If you don’t have a particular melody in mind, he can create it himself – meaning, of course, one or two minor changes may occur with the lyrics, to fit the song. Listening to his existing songs may help you gain an understanding of how he produces music!

Whilst still very little known, Pin has submitted a number of works to YouTube, including both covers and original songs. Below is a song named ‘Mikushock’, which is a tribute to popular game series Bioshock.

This is quite a fun event, and Pin seems keen on getting as many people as possible involved! If this is something that interests you, please be sure to take a look at the full list of information, as well as checking out Pin’s existing works!

To anyone that decides to have a go at submitting some lyrics, good luck!

Below are some links worth visiting!

Michael Pin’s YouTube channel

Michael Pin’s Facebook page
Event information
Michael Pin’s Soundcloud



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