Hyper Japan July 2015


Admin Sasruska and myself went to London on Saturday to attend Hyper Japan at the O2! As some fans may know, Hyper Japan is a convention heavily focused on Japanese games, media, food and fashion. Last year in July, Chihiro Ishiguro (Yuzuki Yukari’s voice actress) attended with the AHS CEO, as well as some staff from the Opera AOI performance. Also, last year in November, the group D.H.P put on their very own concert, ‘Mirai no Neiro’!

This year, there weren’t any Vocaloid-related events, but we still had a great time! Below you can see some photos of the event, some cosplayers, and the Vocaloid-related merchandise I picked up!

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If anyone can ever make the trip down to London for Hyper Japan, I highly recommend it! I first attended in 2011, and I can safely say it gets bigger and better each year.

You can visit the Hyper Japan website here:http://hyperjapan.co.uk

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