News Roundup, July 8th


There are a few various things I wanted to post about, but none of them are really enough to stand on their own as an article, so I thought I’d round them up all in one post.

Yunosuke Facebook Page and Album

雄之助/Yunosuke now has a Facebook page! Please consider heading over and giving him a ‘like’ if you’re a fan. You may know Yunosuke from popular song ‘El Dorado’, featuring Miku. Yunosuke is known for electronic and club music – so if that’s your cup of tea, he’s well worth checking him out if you haven’t already. He’s also releasing his first CD worldwide soon! Details can be found on Jrharbort’s channel.
You can find his Facebook page here:
You can visit his YouTube channel here:
Jrharbort’s crossfade and album information is here:

KZ’s ‘Hand in Hand’ PV

The song many Vocaloid fans have been waiting for, ‘Hand in Hand’, can now be viewed on the official Hatsune Miku channel! This song, produced by KZ, is the theme for Magical Mirai 2015. The PV, by hoshima, also features the Magical Mirai 2015 design (designed by Shikimi). Hoshima also illustrated the Magical Mirai promotional image, so that’s why you may recognise the art style. If you’re a fan of KZ (Livetune), this song is worth checking out!
You can check it out on the official Hatsune Miku channel here:

Circus-P’s ‘Circus Monster’ hits 1 million views

The song ‘Circus Monster’ by Western producer Circus-P has now hit over 1 million views on YouTube! It was act10857789_1081783368506054_6984176945225903452_nually originally uploaded in 2010, under his name matt9five, however due to many changes, it got re-uploaded to his Circus-P (VocaCircus) account in 2012. He posted an illustration thanking his fans, which I have also posted.
You can view the 2010 Nico Nico upload here:
You can view the YouTube version with 1 million views here:

Coralmines uploads 4 hour Vocaloid mix

Producer Coralmines has uploaded a video which will prove to be popular with many people – a 4 hour mix filled with EDM Vocaloid music! The tracks come from various producers, all who are credited in the description, including spacelectro, Dog Tails, ATOLS, Rin Ginsuke, Soh Yoshioka, Aerial Flow, Giga, Kikuo, Nhato and Tranceformer Yuno. Those names alone should be enough to capture any Vocaloid fan’s attention! Some of Coral’s own music is also included in the mix. It’s honestly a great video from Coral, and the transitions work very well, so it’s worth a listen! You can listen to it on Coralmines’ channel below:

Vocallective Records vinyl up for sale

The first vinyl from Vocallective Records is available to purchase! They ship out around August I believe, and at time of writing, there are only 6 left. A total of 11 vinyls have been produced, and no more will be manufactured after that! If you’re a fan, I highly recommend picking this up quickly. They are selling for $40 (around £25/€36), plus shipping. The songs included were featured in either ‘Drum & Bass & Vocaloid’ 1 or 2, so you know it’s bound to be good! I managed to grab myself the first print of the vinyl (also signed by Azureflux) which should arrive very soon. I will take some photos and a recording of it in action, to show you guys! The tracklist is as follows:
AdyS – Unresolved
Azureflux – Serenity
AdyS, Cepheid – A Better Day
Jeric Rocamora – Fucked Up
You can purchase the vinyl here:

Yuezheng Ling second demo

The second demo for upcoming Vocaloid ‘Yuezheng Ling’ has been uploaded! Once again, Rosary is the producer, and the rest of the staff are as follows:
作/编曲 (Arranger):人形兎 (Rosary)
词 (Words):@和田野
混音 (Mix):Li Zong
吉他 (Guitar):@绛舞乱丸Jimmy @盖中盖大二盖你盖我也盖 
钢琴 (Piano):@希望索任合资
绘 (Painting):@-唯Tu-
The Bilibili upload can be viewed here:

Mystery surrounds Ruby

Upcoming PowerFX Vocaloid ‘Ruby’ seems to have hit rocky shores, after her design was revealed at Anime Expo – the main issue being that the design revealed doesn’t match the design that Syo had been working on with a few others. It’s a very complex situation, and without a full explanation from PFX and Syo, we may never know exactly what went down. As such, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding Ruby, including how well her release will go, whether her design will change, etc.

Electronic Heartbeat album by Ricardo Padua11659440_831919753543985_6099445704890529267_n

Ricardo Padua, producer of popular song ‘Beautiful Lies‘ featuring Miku, has announced his newest album! It will be released on July 17th, and features a stunning illustration by Ao Clover.

Hatsune Miku at The Photographer’s Gallery in London

From the 17th July to 15th September, you will be able to visit a display featuring Hatsune Miku and Lady Gaga at The Photographer’s Gallery in London! Developed by Sam Mercer, this display will explore the relationship between social media/fan communities and image making. You can visit the link below to find out m
ore information about this!

Marz Mitzi announcements

Vocaloid/UTAU producer Marz Mitzi has some interesting announcements! These include a livestream, ‘Centipede’ and ‘F:):)lish’ remasters, and an upcoming collaboration song between Mitzi and N∆UTILUS! There’s certainly a lot to look forward to there, it’s worth keeping an eye on Marz Mitzi’s channel! You can view the announcement video below:

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX coming to Hyper JapanScreen Shot 2015-07-08 at 14.29.38

The official Nintendo 3DS page just posted that amongst other games, they will have a demo available for Project Mirai DX at Hyper Japan! Naturally, I will try my best to have a go, and post my thoughts. You can see their post about it below.

I hope you enjoyed this article! I may do articles like this more often, compiling some interesting news together. Thank you for reading!



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