110 VOCALOID Songs

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I thought this might be a fun post, and may be useful to some people. Below, I have noted 110 original VOCALOID/UTAU/CeVIO songs that I fully believe are worth listening to. In the world of VOCALOID music, 110 songs is barely a scratch on the surface, however these are a few of my favourites from over the years. Some of these are fairly well-known songs, whereas some are from some new/little-known producers, so there’s quite a variety!Blavatar

I’d like to mention that this does in no way show every single one of my favourite songs/producers. There are many great producers and tracks that I have missed out, because when writing a list, you often forget your favourites! So I’ll likely post this and think “Agh, I should have added in this!”, however if this article goes well, I could always do another lot of 110 songs.

All of the links take you to an official YouTube upload, the original NND upload, or official Bilibili upload. If you enjoy the music, please be sure to support the artist, and perhaps listen to their other works. I haven’t divided them by genre, so that if you click on a song you haven’t heard of, it’ll be a surprise! It’s a bit of a Vocaloid pick’n’mix, and hey, you may find a new favourite song in a genre that you may not normally listen to! Enjoy!

Ricochet – MJQ x ShinRA
Feel The Summer – Aura Qualic
Magical Symmetry – tilt six
Soy de el – CYO Style
Get Money – Junto Kurokawa
Telomere’s First Cries – Heavenz
Glow – keeno
Cry No More – Vocadroid
Back To Life – Robo
The Lost One’s Weeping – Neru
Of Kings and Queens – Marz Mitzi
Shooting Star – Teddyloid
Tokyo Planetarium – IBMK
Desire – AdyS
Lamentation of Kalima – Okame
Heart A La Mode – DECO*27
Kiwi – ATOLS
ROCK YOU! – Osanzi
Deflection;Misdirection – Samuel Wright/Blackbird
Sharing The World – BIGHEAD
Quetzalcoatl (instrumental ver.) – Samuel Wright/Blackbird
Resolute – VelecTi (Fantasiay)
Incarnation 2015 Remix – HSP
Forest Child – Lyle Music
Schwarzer Regen – Regulus
Gift Nor Art – HSP
Aokigahara – CrusherP
El Dorado – Yunosuke
Nephna – Calla Soiled
Macaron – ATOLS
Reality – Dog Tails
Evolution – Vanguard Studio (Haloweak)
Liberator – Vanguard Studio (Taishi)
Mysterious – 8#Prince
Fake Doll – 8#Prince
Welcome to DQN Style2 – kagome-P
La Llorona – Steampianist
xxx – Spacelectro
OneMoreTime! – 23.exe
Circus Monster – CircusP
ATHENA – CircusP and CrusherP
StaRDUsT – Sweet Revenge
Miracle is Dead – Sweet Revenge
Logic Agent – niki
Be Furious – Ginsuke
Melody – VerseQuence (MJQ x Eri)
Boys&Friends – Qianyimohua-P
The R – 23.exe
Shake it! – emon
Mikunologie – X-Plorez
Desire – Ginsuke
Artificial Skin – PSGOZ
Byeol – Dr. Yun
Who Am I? – Yuyoyuppe
Story of Hope – Yuyoyuppe
Yume Yume – DECO*27
White Chocolateうみくん
Lilily Nation – Yuyoyuppe/DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING
Target – MJQ x Empath
Cosmonauts – YZYX
Next Distance – Senjougahara Yousei
Beautiful Lies – Ricardo Padua
Avenir – Tai Shindehai
Kioku – LIQ
One By One – AdyS
Face – niki
Just A Moment – Oreh
Poem of a Thousand Years – Sangnoksu
Creative – Kyrpt Creeper
Starlight Keeper – momocashew
Tornado – Vocalekt Visions
Soleil – Tiara
Last Song – fatman-P
Spectre – coralmines
Sleeping Beauty – 164
Nocturnal Chicken March – Nashimoto
Nape of the Neck – Machigerita
Dysmorphiac – Steampianist
melody… – mikuru396
Next Stage – Muryoku
HypnoSpirA – Muryoku
Leaving – Citizen16
Our Belief – CircusP
Endless – Kusa
A Parasite Girl’s Moment of Death – GosaroP
Saturation – FatP and Harmonia
Memories – SmileR
shiningray – 164
Time Machine – 1640mP
Chainsaw Girl – noa+
Ark – noa+
One Way – Aura Qualic
Room 13943 – SCL Project
Setsugetsuka – SCL Project
Tear – AVTechNO!
The Greatest Sin March – Machigerita
Disruptive Diva – Machigerita
Your Heart and I Becoming One – Masa
Outburn Kamikaze – Masa
Poe – Empath
Arpeggio -Rebuild- – AVTechNO!
News 39 – MitchieM
Holy Lance Explosion Boy – rerulili
Fuyugoe Hibiki – Easypop
Torschlusspanik – heart★breaker
Shinigami Folklore – 7lgt/Caste-P
Daughter of the Moon – Eyes
Lost Souls – Koro
Your 10% – NIYMORIY

I apologise that I couldn’t organise the song list in a nicer way, but this article was a little rushed. I hope you found some new songs/producers to enjoy, or reignited your love for some classics! If you enjoyed this article, please let us know, and we’ll be sure to bring you another list!

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