You can get involved!

Hi there!

The VocaEuro blog has been running for a little while now, and I’d like to thank everyone for their support so far! We’ve tried to keep a balance between factual posts, as well as posts that include our opinions. The reason for this is whilst we want to deliver you plenty of news, we also want to create discussion, and give you our thoughts on things. We don’t want to sit here and give you facts – we want you all to be included too!

So that’s where you guys come in! Do you have a favourite producer that deserves a feature about them? Or do you have your own opinion about something that you’d like us to post? Maybe you’ve even written your own song, or created your own illustration! Perhaps you even have some photos of some rare merchandise you’d like us to feature! We’d really love to hear from you all, and help give you the content you’re after. Whilst we are still very tiny currently, we hope to exMiku Chibi2pand, and become a great voice in the Vocaloid community for Europe!

You can email us, comment, tweet us, or message us over Facebook! However you decide to get in contact, we’ll be sure to take a look and feature you. We want to be able to give you interesting Vocaloid news, but we also really want to create the feeling of a community, and share your content.

So if you’re ever proud of a cosplay you’ve made, or if you’ve created a song cover, or taken a beautiful photo of a figure, feel free to contact us! Depending on how much we can write, it will either go out on Facebook/Twitter etc, or it will be featured here on our blog.

Thank you for reading!

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