Zero-G’s new Vocaloids!

Vocaloid producer nostraightanswer/Kenji-B did a livestream last night, which gave us some very exciting news!

Introducing Zero-G’s two new English Vocaloids…Dex and Daina!

dex daina

Based on Kenji’s motif suggestion of ‘The Fox and the Hound’, these two new English Vocaloids are on their way to be released sometime this summer! You can view an upload of the demo real from the livestream at the end of this post, featuring some wonderful songs by Circus-P, EmpathP​, and nostraightanswer.

Kenji noted that “Voice providers are behind curtains until Zero-G says so”. Both vocals are somewhat geared towards pop, however Dex seems to be more versatile in that his voice is also suited for rock (his vocals can switch between soft and powerful depending on the pitch). Daina, on the other hand, is more suited for pop and electronic. Some power can be heard in her voice at parts.
Dex’s range: C2-F Sharp 3
Daina’s range: G2-D4

It’s also important to note that Dex is NOT the male counterpart for AVANNA. Zero-G stated that they couldn’t find a fitting vocalist for the male version, so Dex is an entirely separate Vocaloid.

The growl feature is apparently in the works, along with possible cross-synthesis support. It is also unknown if they will be Mac compatible.

Below are some sites worth visiting!

The art is by:
Kenji-B’s full stream:
Zero-G’s official website:
Reprint of demo reel:
Kenji-B’s bandcamp:



One thought on “Zero-G’s new Vocaloids!

  1. With these two, Ruby, Arsloid, and even Xing Chen, Uni’s gonna be super overshadowed lol (then again I guess it doesn’t matter if anyone outside the Korean community/fandom cares about her since they probably wouldn’t buy her anyways)


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