A big thanks to Crusher-P

tumblr_static_bmsztx53rwo4cggcssw0oww8sThis is slightly more heartfelt article, as opposed to a news-based one. As I mentioned last week, this post is dedicated to Crusher-P, who has announced that they will be leaving the world of Vocaloid. Firstly, let me say that I fully support this decision. We have to respect Crusher’s wishes, and rather than feel sad, thank them for all the wonderful work they have contributed. I have spent hours upon hours listening to Crusher’s music, and it’s always helped pull me through the more difficult times. So, to try and thank Crusher, this post will explore their music over the years.

ECHO is probably Crusher’s biggest achievement, reaching nearly 3 million views at the time of writing. Primadonna (the famous TV-headed character from the PV) has become a source of inspiration for artists and cosplayers across the world, and the powerful beat of the song had us all hooked when we first listened to it, I’m sure. It’s safe to say that ECHO is pretty much Crusher’s iconic song within the Vocaloid community, and it’s wonderful how one song can spark so much inspiration.

Now to feature a slightly lesser-known song by Crusher. ‘Aokigahara’, uploaded in 2012, is a slow-paced, haunting song with a beautiful melody. I’ve always been unsure as to why this song doesn’t have more views, it really shows Crusher’s ability to go between music genres. Well worth a listen!

This song, whilst not using the Vocaloid software, is also worth a mention. Featuring Chipspeech vocalist ‘Lady Parsec’, this unusual little song will creep into your head, and stay there for the rest of the day. The catchy lyrics really stuck with me when I first listened to it, and it’s remained one of my favourites by Crusher.

Most Crusher fans will recognise this song. Dedicated to Jani, a young girl dealing with schizophrenia, this song explores the characters and worlds that she sees. The vocals, featuring Kaai Yuki, are pretty haunting, and really capture the situation well. It’s incredible when Vocaloid producers dedicate a song to someone, it makes it feel that much more personal.

Let’s not forget that Crusher also worked with UTAUxyz! Biohazard, featuring Kikyuune Akio, is a great example of why we love Crusher’s music.

Of course, I couldn’t not feature a little about Circrush! With Circus-P and Crusher-P being two of my favourite producers, Circrush was a heavenly combination for me. Their song styles merge so well together, and they created some great tracks. ‘WILDFIRE!!’ has over one million views, and ‘Crystalline’ is close behind at nearly 800,000. Circrush really was a dream duo!

Probably my favourite song, despite it being so short, is the Cyber Diva demo ‘ATHENA’. The lyrics, beat of the song, and incredibly well programmed vocals all add up to create a wonderful piece of music.

And we can’t forget Crusher’s UTAU, ‘Maki Watase’! This rearrangement of Kaku-P Model’s ‘Big Brother’ showcases Crusher’s UTAU with super-slick vocals.

Last but certainly not least, we have this classic, no description needed here. The majority of Crusher fans will recognise this I’m certain! If you’ve not watched this hilarious little video, you should do so!

Well, that’s my Ccrusher_p__2015_update__by_crusher_p-d8gdrf4rusher feature. I really wish there’s more I could do to thank them! I will continue to listen to their music for years likely. Hopefully someday, I will come across Crusher under their new alias, and be able to listen to their new music! If you happen to be a reading this Crusher, I just want to thank you for all your hard work, and the incredible music you’ve contributed to this massive fanbase. Stay awesome!

Below are some links worth vising!

Crusher VocaDB page:http://vocadb.net/Ar/13552
Crusher’s YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/HatsuneMikuVocaloid2
Circus’ YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/VocaCircus



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