Yuezheng Ling demo released!

The demo for Shanghai He Nian’s Chinese Vocaloid ‘Yuezheng Ling’ has been officially uploaded to YouTube!

This is certainly welcome news! Her voicebank has been highly anticipated by many Vocaloid fans across the world, and today at long last, we are able to hear her voice. ‘Scarlet Drop’ is composed by 人形兎 (Rosary).

For those that have not heard of Ling, let me enlighten you below!

Developed by Shanghai He Nian co. (originally part of Bplats), Ling is a character who is part of the ‘VOCANESE’ project. ‘VOCANESE’ refers to a series of Chinese characters, made up of Vocaloids (including Luo Tianyi, Yan He and Zhanyin Lorra), and supporting characters. Artwork and animated episodes around this group of characters have also been created in the past.

Most of the characters within the VOCANESE series gained their designs through ‘VOCALOID CHINA’ contests, in which fans would submit their own designs, with the winning entry becoming a Vocaloid, and the runner-ups classed as supporting characters. As a lot of us know, Luo Tianyi was the winner of the first contest, held back in 2012. Ling was a runner up, alongside ‘Mo Qingxian’, ‘Zhiyu Moke’, and ‘Yuezheng Longya’. Another contest was later held in 2013 to determine China’s second Vocaloid, which was Yan He.

As I mentioned above, for a while, Ling was a supporting character in the VOCANESE series, but on July 13th 2014, it was revealed that she would be given a voicebank, despite being a runner-up design. Again, another Yuezheng_Lingcontest was held to determine her voice provider. She is the only Vocaloid currently in existence who had both her design and voice provider decided by contests. She is also the first VOCANESE supporting character to become a Vocaloid, and is the first Vocaloid to be based on a runner-up design!

It’s worth noting that another character in the VOCANESE project is Vocaloid ‘Zhanyin Lorra’, who I mentioned earlier. Lorra is the only character in the VOCANESE series who doesn’t have a design decided through a contest, although her voice provider was decided through one.

Ling’s design was created by Rikuhao (re-drawn by illustrator Ideolo), and her voice was provided by QI Inory.

Now you know who Ling is, and where she originated from!

Below are some official links worth visiting!

Official VOCANESE website:http://vocanese.com
Official VOCANESE Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/vocanese
Official VOCANESE YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/vocanese
Official Vocaloid Store YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/vocaloidstore

You can watch episode 1 of ‘VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT’ on Vocaloid Store’s channel here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io6BKE72uOo





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