Preorder page for Éveil

The preorder page for Voxwave’s ‘Éveil’ is up!eveil-album-and-exclusive-alys-keychain

Preorders open 15th June and close 5th July (both online and at Japan Expo), but for now you can get a good look at the album art, tracks, and bonus! A second session for orders will open sometime in September. This is the first album featuring Voxwave’s ALYS, so it’s an album worth getting your hands on! With the album, you will also receive an adorable exclusive ALYS keyring, illustrated by none other than ALYS’ artist, Saphirya!

There are some great songs on this album, including fan favourites like Avenir, Dans mon Monde, Prmesse, and SHARDS, as well as new tracks (including a new song from Neutrino-P and Tempo-P!)

The official ALYS page posted this regarding Neutrino-P and Tempo-P’s new song:

“Neutrino-P is a Romanian composer who has been really invested in numerous projects around virtual singers: original musics, fanconcerts by Vocalekt Visions et Synthesized Reality Production. He also brought a great support to the whole team when we set up ALYS very first concert.  Along with Tempo-P (Vokalekt Visions being their Romano-Japanese collaboration), they gave various fanconcer, especially in San Francisco (USA), Los Angeles (USA), and Bucarest (Romania). They made together this song which you could hear during the first STALYSKY concert : Neutrino. Neutrino is a moving song, telling pain front to sickness. Lyrics, full of melancholy, are sublimed by a melody which leaves some place to optimism. A very subtle line, to which ALYS voice, with her clumsy synthetic accent, is very touching. We found this song was particularly fitting to ALYS universe, reason why we integrated it to the album… All the more so as it was a way for us to thank Neutrino-P!”

The official ALYS page also held a contest recently, allowing people to comment and potentially win a copy of the album ahead of the release date. Lo and behold, somehow I was the winner! Therefore, I will provide photos and a review of the album right here on this blog, so please look forward to it!

If you’re a fan of Voxwave and ALYS, please be sure to consider putting in a preorder! I can guarantee this album will be worth purchasing!

Below are some official links – please be sure to show your support!

Visit the Voxwave website:
Visit the Voxwave Facebook page:
Visit Voxwave’s YouTube channel:
Visit the ALYS Facebook page:
Visit STARRYSKY’s Facebook page:
Visit Neutrino’s Facebook page:
Visit Neutrino’s YouTube channel:



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