Happy 6th Birthday Gumi!

Today marks 6 years since Internet Co.’s Gumi (Megpoid) was released! Below you can see Internet Co’s tweet about it earlier today. To celebrate, I will talk briefly about Gumi’s origin, as well as feature some artists who are heavily involved with Gumi!

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Gumi, voiced by Megumi Nakajima, was released back in 2009, alongside Kamui Gakupo. At first, she struggled to gain popularity against Crypton’s series of Vocaloids, however she steadily gained more and more of a following.  In 2010, she was essentially the most popular non-Crypton Vocaloid! According to a recent survey, she was placed as the second most popular Vocaloid on NicoNico. She has been released on both the VOCALOID2 and VOCALOID3 software, along with the Megpoid Talk software, and an English voicebank, meaning she has 7 individual voicebanks in total.

So now we’ve reminded ourselves of Gumi’s origin, let’s take a look at some of the most popular works featuring her, as well as some personal favourites! (all YouTube links are official, unless stated otherwise)


Giga-P is well known for his songs featuring Rin and Len, but he does have some pretty popular songs featuring Gumi too! This song features both Gumi and Rin, and is available to watch on Reol’s YT channel.

WILDFIRE!! – Circrush (Circus-P and Crusher-P)

One of two Gumi songs composed by the now disbanded Circrush was ‘WILDFIRE!!’, which has gained over 1 million views on Circus-P’s YouTube channel. The other song, with almost 900,000 views, is Crystalline.

ECHO – Crusher-P

I already featured Circrush, but ‘ECHO’ by Crusher-P is too good to miss. With over 2 million songs, most Gumi fans will likely recognise this song. Such a shame that Crusher-P has retired from the Vocaloid community. (for more information on this, please see here)

Mozaik Role – DECO*27

In the Hall of Legend, this famous DECO*27 song has a really nice beat and melody to it. Another song by DECO*27 in the Hall of Legend featuring GUMI is ‘Yowamushi Mont Blanc‘.

1, 2 Fanclub – Mikito-P

A lot of people will recognise this! This charming song, also featuring Rin, was featured in Project Mirai 2. Giga-P has also created a famous remix and cover, featuring Miku and Len.

Ikasama Life Game – Kemu

This was Kemu’s second song to reach over 1 million views on NicoNico. I also personally love Kemu’s works, so this is a perfect song to feature!

Megu Megu☆Fire Endless Night – samfree (unofficial YT link)

Please support the official NND link here. Samfree is most well-known for his cheerful eurobeat-styled songs in the ‘Night’ series, writing an original song for many various Vocaloids and UTAU. Gumi, of course, was no different. It was the second song in the ‘Night’ series!

Matryoshka – Hachi

Arguably one of the most loved Vocaloid songs worldwide (those hoodies are pretty popular!), it hit over 1 million views within 32 days of it being uploaded. It features Miku alongside Gumi, singing rather hard-to-decipher lyrics.

Now to feature some personal favourites!

A Better Day – AdyS

AdyS is a fairly little-known producer, but has some absolutely stunning songs, some of which feature Gumi English (however it’s more often SONiKA). This song really highlights AdyS’ talents, and is well worth a listen! I highly recommend checking out their channel and albums on Vocallective Records.

Of Kings and Queens – Marz Mitzi

A stunning song featuring Gumi and YOHIOloid, with some great lyrics and a beautiful melody.

Imperfect Animals – Utsu-P

Utsu-P is a very famous metal artist, who frequently uses Miku, Rin and Gumi. This song in particular features Gumi and Rin. He’s one of my favourite producers, and is worth checking out if you like metal! Personally, my favourite song is ‘Chocolate Girl’ (ft. Gumi), which is the first bonus song of the CD-R album (track 16).

Wonderful Nippon! – Kagome-P (unofficial YT link)

Please support the official NND link here. This parody of PSY’s viral hit ‘Gangnam Style’ is famous for its catchy beat and infectious dance. It makes you want to jump right out of your chair! Kagome-P also has a YouTube channel, which is worth visiting!

The Outspoken Escape Princess – Utata-P/t.komine

Whilst Utata is very well known for his music, this fairly recent song featuring Gumi has yet to gain much popularity. It has a catchy beat and beautiful artwork – what’s not to like?

The Contrary Man – Neutrino-P and JWard-L

Neutrino-P (also part of Vocalekt Visions) is an Romanian producer who is most known for featuring Gumi regularly in his music. The majority of his songs are very upbeat with catchy lyrics, however this song that I’m featuring slows things down a bit. It’s well worth a listen, and Neutrino is a producer who really needs some more love!

Wow, that’s a lot of Gumi in one go! I could feature so many more, but I shan’t, for fear of crashing your browser! Hopefully with this article, you’ve been able to relive some of your old favourite songs, as well as possibly find some new songs/producers to love! As mentioned earlier, all of the YouTube links are official in some way, unless stated otherwise (the NND link is below if it’s unofficial), so get subscribing to all your favourite producers/labels!


Below are some links worth visiting!

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